Saturday, February 2, 2008


We have been outside most of the day because it was a beautiful 77 degrees. I washed my car. I am so happy that it is all shiny. My neighbor Teresa, Ivy's mom, was laughing at me, saying she has never seen anyone clean there car as much as me. What can I say, I like a clean car.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and Chris is in Vegas. (I miss you babe) I guess we are not doing anything. I might watch a little, I don't know.

I just sent Ivy home, with opposition from all sides. I think she would move in with us if we would let her. I could use another deduction on my taxes, but not that bad.

I guess I have to end this. Jax just came and asked if he could play Webkinz. He gave me the whole "please sugar mama, I'll give you a kiss" thing. I'm going to let him.

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Tina said...

Jen your boys are getting so big and handsome might I add. I have enjoyed looking at your blog I finally had a chance to update mine. BTW Happy Late Birthday so glad you had a wonderful time.