Saturday, May 30, 2009


I will begin this post with, "I had all of my recording gear ready, but my camera wasn't charged like I thought it was!" I did the best with what tiny bit of battery I had left. I got some good footage on my regular video camera, but that is not easily downloaded to my computer. So here is what I got for you:

First at bat:

Second at bat:

Fielding a little:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Moving pictures and videos around within my blog is making me CRAZY!!!! Therefore, here are pictures and the videos are in my post under this one.


Brooks played his last game of the season last night. We got bumped from our field because of a tournament so we played our game on one of the practice fields. It worked. No seats, parents standing around, but it worked. I wanted to put a bunch of video on here for the family and because this is kind of my scrapbook. I wish it was better quality but this is from my camera not my video camera. So here are Brooks 3 at bats. He did so good this year. He hit the ball first try every time, every game. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Here he is putting on Jax's batting gloves that he insists make him hit better:

1st time at bat:

2nd time at bat:

3rd at bat:

Here he is on his way to second. He has some weird issues with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd baseman. As you can see here he is trying to head butt the kid on first. I saw him with his fists up in the 2nd baseman's face at one point in the game. And if there is anyone in the baseline while he is running, he will remove them from the baseline. He tried that move on the wrong 2nd baseman last game and got knocked on his booty. If I only had that on tape. The kid knocked him down and Brooks laid on the ground with a surprised look on his face, and yelled "WHAT!" (Like how dare you push me back) The kids dad came and broke it up just as Brooks was getting up, and I don't really think he wanted to fight with that kid. It was hilarious though.

Here he makes an out on second:

Playing catcher:

And the moment he was waiting all season for....the trophy! I cannot tell you how much he wanted a trophy. He had a smile you couldn't wipe off of his face. Watch his funny little excited walk when his coach calls his name.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

TRYING to relax!

We have been trying to relax a little this weekend. I just don't do that very well. It is nice to have 3 days that Chris isn't talking on his phone. We went last night and rented movies. Everyone got to pick out a movie. Brooks picked Spiderman. Jax picked Open Season 2. Chris picked Shooter and it was really good. Anyone looking for an action movie with only a little bad language should rent it. Tonight is my choice, Taken. I don't really know anything about it but I hope it is good!!!

Tonight we cooked deer burgers and I was peeling potatoes for oven fries and Brooks begged for mashed potatoes. He LOVES mashed potatoes. So I made him some. Chris and Jax don't like mashed potatoes so they ate oven fries. Here is a picture of Brooks watching me make them and waiting to lick the beaters. He sneaked a few bites too. Jax was minding his own business while I was making dinner. Yee Haw!!! I had to go get a few pictures of him too though. He was just coloring singing along to his favorite song "International Harvester." I have been working 4 days trying to get music on their music players. Chris used to sell these waterproof music players and we had a couple lying around but getting the music from itunes into a mp3 format was kind of difficult but I finally figured it out today. I was determined! I configured a play list with all of their favorite music and boy were they happy. They each have one and have figured out how to use it. It is so cute to hear your kids sing, I just love it! Jax was singing all day. Brooks' favorite song is "My Heroes have always been cowboys" by Willie Nelson. I am not kidding. They do both really like "Hunting the world southern style" by Colt Ford. We all jam to that one. In the car Brooks will say, "I want to listen to God" and now he can listen to him whenever he wants. James Carter made me a good kids christian cd a couple of years ago and I put that on their players too and they love it. So here are a couple pictures of Jax. He didn't want to be bothered but I coaxed a smile out of him anyway. Maybe I can sneak in on him and get some video of him singing. It is soooooo cute!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Today we took Brooks to the allergy doctor to finally see if he is allergic to peanuts after a 3 year ban. First of all, the Doctor was incredible. He told us his background and that he picked his field because of his interest in it. You could tell that he is real passionate about his work and we can't say enough about him. So Brooks was a trooper. No sweat. They skin tested his back and he did so great. We were so happy with the results......NO PEANUT ALLERGY!!!!! It really is a big deal to try and shelter a child from peanut products. Anyway, on the way home he said, "give me some peanuts!" He didn't even know what they tasted like, he just knew he could now have something he had previously been told that he couldn't. So we stopped at Wal-mart and I got reese's peanut butter cups and reese's pieces. I got both because I wasn't sure which one he would like. You will see below the picture of him eating the peanut butter cup in the car. He did end up preferring the resee's pieces. We told Jax, after we picked him up from school, and it was so cute, he was so happy. Jax really has been his protector all this time. So below are a few pics from the day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kid's say the darndest things!

The boys and I were talking about what we are going to get their daddy for Father's Day. Brooks and I had some ideas today and we were discussing it with Jax after he got home from school. Jax said, "Father's Day, after Mother's Day there is a Father's Day. Is there a kid's day?" I told him every day is kids day and he said, "how come adults are always so lucky?" Seriously, if he only knew how good he has it!!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


What a GREAT Mother's Day! It started with Jax and Chris cooking me breakfast. I was a little scared but it turned out perfect. Brooks must have been really tired because we had to wake him up at 8:30 to eat. Then they led me to the garage for my present, a new bike. I was soooooooooo excited. I have been wanting a bike for a while now. Until now we have never lived in a place where we could ride bikes. Did I mention that I was excited! Anyway I rode up and down our street, then around the lake with the boys, and then Chris let me go by myself for a while. It was great. I rode all over our neighborhood and down the nature trail. Ahhh, it was wonderful. I didn't know how long I had been gone but it was a while. I decided I should get back home. It was so great going on a nice bike ride by myself. Every bit of me was happy as could be, except my crotch. Oh, I hope I get used to riding a bike or I am going to have to get some pointers from some experienced bikers. I hope I can walk in the morning.

Anyway, we went swimming this afternoon and then came home and had hot dogs for dinner. We are now going to relax the rest of the night.

I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with my mom, but my mom got to spend it with her mother. That is so great! I am so thankful for my Mother and my Grandmothers and my Mother in law. I love you all and hope you had a great day.

I am so blessed and thank God that he let me become a Mother!!!! I love my babies so much!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun Weekend

Oh, I had a great weekend. It started Saturday morning by picking up Heather and Stacy at the airport. We shopped and ate all day Saturday. FUN. We slowly got ready Sunday morning and ate at a great little sandwich shop and then did a few hours of touring model homes in my neighborhood and a nearby one. FUN, and real fun for Heather, ha ha. We came home and got ready for the concert. We were so excited. We went with two other couples (the ladies work at Academy). It was so much fun.

The show started with Lady Antebellum and they were really good. Those two can really sing!

Next up Miranda Lambert and of course she was awesome!!!

After Miranda was through, and Kenny was setting up, we got to go backstage and to her tour bus (because Chris is friends with her dad). Our plans got a little screwed up and only 4 of us got to go back, and I felt HORRIBLE!!!!! We did get the ones left behind autographs on the 4 extra tickets we had. So, Chris took his buyer and her husband and we got to meet the band and several other people. This guy with the mohawk is part of her band and he was so cool. I told him I was a hair person and I couldn't resist asking him what product he used on his hair. He said, "Tresemme from Walmart, works better than any of the $40.00 stuff I have tried." That figures! So, we got to go to Miranda's bus and chat a while and then off to see Kenny.

OH MY GOODNESS! Kenny put on a 2 hour show that was AMAZING!!!!!!! He is in a class of his own!!

Well, it was a great time and I was so glad Stacy and Heather got to come. I hope we can all get together, husbands included, for another concert this summer!!!!! Good times.