Wednesday, April 28, 2010


A little while ago we sent the boys to bed. Jax grabbed his blanket and pillow and out of the blue said, "Mom, after I fall asleep will you come give me a kiss?" My heart melted! I told him, "I would love to!" That is one of the sweetest things he has ever said to me!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Somebody got a game ball?????

Jax had a great game tonight and got the game ball! He COULD NOT be happier!!!!!!!!! He flew two balls in the air to center field tonight and got an out at first. I love that boy and it makes me happy to see him happy!!

I know it has been a while since I posted. Been busy. LOTS and LOTS of yard work(Ivy asked us why we didn't just hire a no!!!), washing my car after taking it to the ranch and driving down long dirt roads while it was raining, sick kid, sick husband, baseball, babysitting, single parent while Chris was at the NASCAR race, car shopping, cleaning, exercising, trying to free up space on my maxxed out dvr, cleaning out closets, trying to feed my family healthy foods, laundry and who remembers what else! I have just been too tired at the end of my day to even think about posting, sorry!!!

We are going back to the ranch Thursday night! We are all so excited!!!! Brooks is going to get first chance at a turkey and then it is my turn. I sure hope to have good news to report!!! I am looking forward to the time away with the family! We are going to make the most of it because it will probably be deer season before we get to go again!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Turkey Hunting

I am a little behind posting about our great weekend turkey hunting, but for good reason. I have been searching and searching for the cord to connect my camcorder to my computer. I finally found it but cannot get it to work because my camcorder is not compatible with Windows Vista, dang it. I usually just use the video function on my regular camera because it is so easy. This time I used both and you won't get to see the big turkey that walked right in front of our blind.

Anyway, we didn't get any turkeys this time! We had a blast though!

So the deal is, Chris has a friend, Greg, that leases 10,000 acres from Jack in southwest Texas. Jack lives right down the road from the ranch house. Greg sells hunts for big $$! Chris guides for Greg a couple weekends out of the year and then we all get to hunt for free!! SWEET!!!!!! This past weekend Chris was supposed to guide one guy and then it would be Brooks' turn. Then if Brooks got one it was going to be Mama's turn! SWEET!!! Unfortunately, the turkey's were all "henned up!" It was still just a little too early. Chris ended up having to help more that he thought because Greg had four hunters not killing and he was getting really frustrated. We did get to hunt some and Chris called in a turkey right up to our blind. It actually walked a circle around us. It was so very close but we couldn't get it to stop for a second so Brooks could get a good shot. It was crazy, he got away! I have it all on video, but can't get it on here!! I am glad that he didn't just shoot, he was waiting on the perfect shot! Seriously, there is not one single person that wants to kill a turkey more than him. It is all he talks about. He was totally cracking everyone up! When we asked him what he wanted for lunch he would say, "to kill a turkey!" It was always something like that, I could go on and on!!
I have to tell ya, I had so much fun I can't even convey it. Being out in the middle of nowhere with your family, great people and nature just thrills me. We drove around in an old jacked up 4x4 Ford looking for turkeys, shed horns and deer while dressed in head to toe camo. How fun is that!!!! I must say, and I speak for my children too, looking for shed antlers is way more fun that Easter eggs!!! Here are just a couple of the ones we found.
Here is the cabin that I could so move into.Chris getting Brooks' gun all ready!
Here we are in the blind getting all set up! Brooks saying that if he sees a turkey it is going down. Or, maybe NOT!!!!!! Hopefully next time! After all it is called hunting not killing!!

So we are going back weekend after next and hope to have better turkey stories and pictures.