Monday, February 11, 2008


A little shout out to Papa Don who turns 41 today!!!!!

As most of you know, James and Stacy came for the weekend. We had so much fun!!!!!!!! We all hung out and caught up on Friday. Stacy and I went shopping all day Saturday. Then went out to dinner Saturday night for my birthday. It was wonderful. We are so glad they came. James and Chris got the tv hung up and running. I'll post pictures later of that project.

We had a really relaxing day today. Yesterday was kind of crazy. Action packed. We were outside most of the day and ended up at the McKenzie's (Ivy's house). Jeff turned the heater on the pool and all of the kids swam. We picked up a bunch of bbq and hung out in their beautiful backyard. They own a pool business and naturally they have an incredible pool and backyard.

The last thing worth mentioning is that my dvr is up and running. I am so happy and Directv is great.

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