Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to you all out there. A special happy day to my husband. I love you!!!!!
It is supposed to be a beautful warm day today, so I think I will get the picnic basket, that we have never used, and take the boys for a picnic.

We had such a great day yesterday. The boys were very good, because they were entertained most of the day. We went hiking in the woods, which they love. We also had to go to Academy and take some boxes for Chris. We stopped at Sonic and got lunch. They were so excited. We haven't eaten at Sonic in months. The one by our house is not good. The one by Academy is really good. Anyway, I took them down to the gym and they behaved, thank goodness, because there were 3 people down there. Usually it is just us.

Chris has gotten me so fixed up. He got my tv and dvr up and running. Which is great. For my birthday I got a new phone. New cell phones are amazing!!!! My phone has navigation. I searched for HEB after we left Academy and the lady told me step by step how to get there. ON MY CELL PHONE!!!!!! Amazing. I remember when it was so cool to have a cell phone that held your phone book. What will be next. For my birthday, thanks James, Chris got me the car kit for my ipod. How awesome. I used it yesterday. Love it!!!! All of these gadgets are intimidating but not hard.

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