Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Fun

We had a fun Easter. The boys stayed Saturday night with Ivy while Chris and I had a dinner date at PF Chang's. It was AWESOME. The kids were very good at Ivy's and love having sleepovers. They dyed Easter eggs....Kudos to Teresa because that is something I just don't do. Sunday afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt at the park and then BBQ dinner at Ivy's followed by all the neighbors outside hanging out the rest of the evening. Today we cleaned both of our cars, something we have neglected for a couple of months.

My computer is still dead and I guess I am going to have to call and check on it tomorrow. I am sure praying it is just a cheap little problem. We will see......................

Friday, March 21, 2008

Big City Fun

We have had a couple of action packed days. We are so tired. Today we spent the day at the Fair and Livestock show. We went with Ivy's family. The kids had so much fun. Jax and Brooks rode the mechanical bull and boy did they like it. I thought they would surely chicken out when it was their turn but they didn't. We got pictures that I will post later. Yesterday the boys and I went golfing with Chris and Austin. We had a good time. We didn't want to be left at home so they got a cart for us and we were glad to be there. It was a little bit difficult holding Jax back. The course was so busy that he couldn't play. We let him and Brooks sneak in a few shots, but of course they wanted more, especially Jax. He really likes golf and has a good little swing. He just can't get enough of it. He wants to go to the driving range every day. He wants to take golf lessons this summer instead of playing baseball. Sounds good to me. Chris is all for it. Maybe he will pay his way through college with golf. Who knows?

On a sad computer is in the shop. When we got home from Arkansas it wouldn't even turn on. So sad!!! I took it to Best Buy and they are going to look at it and call me. They haven't called yet. I probably have 150 emails and I NEED MY COMPUTER!!! Funny how we seem so lost if we don't have a computer or forget our cell phone. I remember wondering when my mom or dad was going to be home, and now you don't have to wonder anymore, you just call them.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Let it snow

We got about 4 inches of snow last night. The boys had a blast playing in it. Thanks Stacy for letting us borrow gloves and hats. Who knows when we will get to have a snowball fight again!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Houston Rodeo

Our plans changed last minute yesterday afternoon. The guy that was going to go with us to the concert backed out because he couldn't find a date. Funny. Anyway, we found out yesterday that we had four tickets to the rodeo and then you stay and watch the concert afterwards. We thought they were just concert tickets. Instead of leaving the kids with Ivy's mom we decided to get them ready and take them with us. It was awesome. The kids had a blast. Brooks was so excited before it started that we couldn't quit smiling. He was so cute. He didn't want to eat, he was just sitting on the edge of his seat. I don't think they liked Faith Hill as much as we did, but it was a good time.

We are outta here at about 9:00 AM. Headed to Arkansas.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Packing UP

I am trying to get motivated to get packed to go to Arkansas in the morning. I need to get that done. Chris and I are going to the Faith Hill concert tonight, so time is ticking. I am so excited though. I hope Tim comes out and sings a little with her. He performed last night so maybe we will get to see him too.

We have had out first broken window incident. Jax threw a little too high and Chris couldn't get it. It was a sound I don't ever want to hear again. I was cooking and heard it, and knew exactly what had happened. I was proud of Chris, he didn't get mad. He told Jax it was his fault and that it was just an accident. Luckily, Austin thinks he can get it fixed for free. Sounds good to me!!!

We had a block party the other night and it was so fun. Alot of our neighbors came out to socialize. We really had a good time. The kids played so well together.