Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The boys annual "Daddy's shirt" photo shoot!

Here are the best pictures from this year. Sorry I am a little behind posting them. They are just okay and I am tempted to try again tomorrow.

This is what it took to get those two decent pics.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Tonight we had a parents only meeting and the High School where Brooks is about to start Preschool. For those that don't know, Brooks will start going to Preschool T,W,TH 8:30-11:45. He will be taught by high school students who are wanting a career in Early Childhood Education. It is an incredible program with an AWESOME director. She is a friend of my friend Donna. She has a long career with Preschool and had to "accept" the students/teachers into this program. Tonight as we signed in, all of the students hovered around and squealed when they found the parent of their "bonding buddy." Apparently, each student/teacher is paired with 2 kids for the entire year as kind of their best friend. We all turned in pictures of our child with out paperwork so they already know all of the kids names. They have all been through CPR and first aid. It is a real licensed preschool. Brooks is excited and Jax is ticked that he will be getting to go to the High School. He doesn't think that is fair. I am excited because it is right by the elementary school, it is short (I don't want him to have to go too long), and rain or shine, husband or no husband, I get 9 hours a week to do whatever I need/want to!!!!

Meet the teacher is Thursday and school starts the following Tuesday.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The party is over........

Well, we are home from a VERY fun couple of days. Nashville is such a neat place. Watching Miranda sing at the Ryman was unbelievable! Of course she was great but the architecture and intimacy of the Ryman was unexplainable. Miranda sang a Patsy Cline song without the microphone just as Patsy would have and you could have heard a pin drop.

It was just so much fun!!! The people we were with made us laugh until we cried. What a neat group. We have a photo bucket account and everyone is supposed to put their pics in it. I hope to have some pics to put on here soon. I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy having fun!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My baby is 5 today!

Man, where does time go. I cannot believe my baby is 5 years old! He is such a big boy.
He had a good day! We made it to Greenwood last night, so he got to have his birthday lunch and Grandma Ann's and Papa Don's today. He chose steak, french fries and white cake.
He got a motorcycle (that he got on Jax's birthday) and a psp. He got some cash too that is burning a hole in his pocket. I am going to do my best to try to talk him into saving some of it.
He fell asleep watching tv tonight at 7:20 so I guess the day wore him out!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Happy Grandparent's Day!

I just heard on the radio that today is Grandparent's Day. I didn't see this one coming! It is not on my calendar. So happy day to all the Grandparent's, we love you!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Finally Saturday!!!

Well, it is the weekend and I hope to have a relaxing day. But first I will tell you what we have been up to! I have not been chasing a dog around 24/7 because we took him back. I know, how horrible! It was a family decision that everyone agreed upon! We talked to the boys and they said it was okay. Then, the next day Jax cried and cried. Who would of thought! Brooks never mentioned it again but Jax asked for 3 days if we could go get him back. It broke our hearts but we couldn't go get him back, I just couldn't do it. I could give you a hundred reasons why but I will respect your time and just say I am not an inside dog kind of girl (and neither is Chris). So it has been a few days and we are over the hump and no one is asking or talking about the dog.

Jax has been loving riding the school bus but doesn't like sitting all day in school. I understand but I think it is okay and he really likes his teacher.

I have been cleaning constantly. We have had several showings in the last couple of weeks. Actually had a couple who wanted to know if we would lease to own.......well NO!!!! Just praying that this house will sell and we can move and get settled somewhere else!

I did some neighbors hair this week too!! Kind of fun for me!! I miss my job (a little)!

There have been some major changes with Chris' company so that has kept him busy and on the phone a lot!! The changes are good but just causing some extra work for now.

I have started trying to teach Brooks the things he needs to know for Kindergarten next year. Geesh, I have my work cut out for me. He is so smart just not really interested. I am working on it though, praising him is helping! By the way, don't know if I wrote about it but he wants to go to Kindergarten now. He asked Jax to ask Mrs. Thompson if he can come right now. Uh, no, I get one more year with him. Guess he will be ready when the time comes next year. I won't be ready, I will cry all week. Oh well, you can't stop time.

So we are going to just hang out and play today and hang out with neighbors tonight for the fireworks show. Our neighborhood had to postpone the 4th of July show because of a fire down the street. So looking forward to that.