Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing in the Creek

Today I took the kids to play disc golf (formerly known as frisbie golf, I stand corrected) and to hike in the woods. We played awhile when the kids spotted the creek. It was flowing pretty fast and they wanted to get in it. We went home and changed clothes and came back to play. They had soooo much fun. I took these pictures with my phone and thought I would share.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Construction Update

Here are the pictures that I promised awhile ago. It turned out great. We aren't quite finished. We have to get the surround sound hooked up. That middle hole is for the sub woofer.

We have been spending a lot of time outside. It has been beautiful. It is fun, all the neighbors hang out and we all share out suppers. The neighborhood life.....we've never had that.

Speaking of mom will be proud. I mad an awesome dinner last night. I cooked fresh salmon and a raw broccoli dish that I cannot get enough of. Chris has been wanting me to cook fish but I was scared. I tried it and it was great. He was so happy!!!!

Everybody has something that they like. I love flowers, but mostly saving the seeds and using them the next year. I come by it honestly. Both of my Grandmothers do that also. It is not hard but it is rewarding for me. What is even more fun is that Jax likes it too. At the end of the summer he and I separated the seeds out of our petunias and put them in a baggy. We got those petunias from Grandma Bea and they are petunias that she got from her mother's house years ago. So it will be fun when we plant them in a pot and know they go way back. So much fun I can hardly stand it. The boys each got a small pot from Lowe's. One came with a watermelon seed and the other a pumpkin seed. We planted the seeds and they are about ready to be put in the ground. Our backyard I suppose, we are not quite set up for a garden but I am going to try. How great will it be if we get to eat a watermelon from our own backyard. I know it is no big thing but for us it is exciting and a lesson learned. I ordered 1000 salmon vinca seeds and they should be here today. I bought a bunch of the starter greenhouses and we are going to start the vinca's and some white alyssium (sp). I have had a lot of vincas over the last 9 years but I have never seen a salmon colored one. I am excited.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shame, Shame

One week without a post, shame on me. My excuse is............too busy. That is not a good excuse because I am not too busy to write a paragraph on my blog. Sorry!!!!!!!!

Chris has had a very busy week and we are finally to the weekend - we are going to have some fun. I went grocery shopping yesterday and Chris and I cleaned house last night. We are ready to do some fun things this weekend. We asked the boys what they wanted to do. Jax wants to play frisby golf and Brooks wants to go to the rodeo. Frisby golf is going to happen but the rodeo isn't in town. Who knows what all we will do. I will try to update with pictures tomorrow.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Computer Problems

I have been busy for the last 3 days trying to fix some computer problems. I have had some minor problems the last six months or so, but nothing major. I was trying to put some of my cd's into itunes so I can then put them on my ipod. It should have been easy but it wasn't. I started checking into my mcAfee virus program. It expired in 2006!! I am not sure how that happened but I was under the impression, from the guy that came and worked on my computer and installed the mcAfee in the first place, that I would be protected forever. Not so. Anyway, I tried to go online and update my subscription. I paid for it and then I couldn't download it. Uhh. After 4 live chats with McAfee with no resolution, I looked into it myself. I could download it on my laptop, so maybe a virus was preventing the download. I researched on Microsoft's website. Guess what?? I had tons of virus' and fyi they have a free scanner to keep your computer running great. It cleans and frees up disk space and checks for virus. All kinds of things. The link is They suggest that you run it once a month. So I was able to get rid of my virus' via Microsoft and then download my virus protection to keep that from happening again. I was about ready to trash this thing and start over with a new one, but I am glad that I didn't because so far all my problems are resolved. I was having a little problem with not getting some emails. Hopefully that will be fixed. Anyway, I hope maybe that link will help someone out there.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to you all out there. A special happy day to my husband. I love you!!!!!
It is supposed to be a beautful warm day today, so I think I will get the picnic basket, that we have never used, and take the boys for a picnic.

We had such a great day yesterday. The boys were very good, because they were entertained most of the day. We went hiking in the woods, which they love. We also had to go to Academy and take some boxes for Chris. We stopped at Sonic and got lunch. They were so excited. We haven't eaten at Sonic in months. The one by our house is not good. The one by Academy is really good. Anyway, I took them down to the gym and they behaved, thank goodness, because there were 3 people down there. Usually it is just us.

Chris has gotten me so fixed up. He got my tv and dvr up and running. Which is great. For my birthday I got a new phone. New cell phones are amazing!!!! My phone has navigation. I searched for HEB after we left Academy and the lady told me step by step how to get there. ON MY CELL PHONE!!!!!! Amazing. I remember when it was so cool to have a cell phone that held your phone book. What will be next. For my birthday, thanks James, Chris got me the car kit for my ipod. How awesome. I used it yesterday. Love it!!!! All of these gadgets are intimidating but not hard.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


We hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


A little shout out to Papa Don who turns 41 today!!!!!

As most of you know, James and Stacy came for the weekend. We had so much fun!!!!!!!! We all hung out and caught up on Friday. Stacy and I went shopping all day Saturday. Then went out to dinner Saturday night for my birthday. It was wonderful. We are so glad they came. James and Chris got the tv hung up and running. I'll post pictures later of that project.

We had a really relaxing day today. Yesterday was kind of crazy. Action packed. We were outside most of the day and ended up at the McKenzie's (Ivy's house). Jeff turned the heater on the pool and all of the kids swam. We picked up a bunch of bbq and hung out in their beautiful backyard. They own a pool business and naturally they have an incredible pool and backyard.

The last thing worth mentioning is that my dvr is up and running. I am so happy and Directv is great.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Homeward Bound

We are so excited, Chris will be home tomorrow. He said it was an awesome week for business. A lot of things transpired that I can't wait to hear about. He saw and met with a lot of interesting people.

I am also excited that James and Stacy are coming to visit this weekend. I can't wait. We love company. I made my grocery list today. I'm going to try and cook some good stuff while they are here.

Okay, I am watching "The Biggest Loser" and I have never watched this show before. It is cruel. The guys have to weigh in without a shirt. They have huge saggy boobs. The girls have to wear sports bras and spandex shorts. It seems humiliating to me.

On another note, DVR is one of the greatest inventions of all time. I guess I have been a week without it and I am so missing it. Hopefully we will have it hooked up soon. The guy is coming to work on our wall tomorrow. I am ready to be done with that project.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pedicure Time!!!

I just got finished giving Jax, Brooks and Ivy a mini pedicure. They always beg for me to do it and this time I got to polish some toenails.

Interruption in blog.....All of the neighbors were outside so we have been playing outside for about 2 hours.

Anyway, I posted a picture of the kids playing with the big geotrax track that Jax and I built.

I just had to add the pictures of Jax sleeping. It is so funny, every night one of them sneaks back into the living room after the other one falls asleep. They like to watch tv with me for a while. Yeah whatever excuse to stay up a little longer. Anyway, the last couple of nights it has been Jax because Brooks hasn't gotten his nap. He curls up in his daddy's chair and falls asleep. I thought they were cute pictures.
I have to tell a funny line from Brooks. Today I told him he was about to get a spanking and he held up his little finger and say "okay, but not so hard this time it hurts my feelings." I couldn't help but laugh.

Now I have to tell a funny line from Jax. There was a big mound of fire ants in the back yard and Jax came running inside and said "I need the bug spray there are ants everywhere." I told him I would go help him. He said "No mom, I can handle it." I told him that those were chemicals and they were dangerous. He continued to argue with me. I asked him, "do you know why God gave you a mommy?" He said, "to love me." I was about to tell him that the reason he has a mother is because he doesn't know everything but instead I said, "you are right." He is right, I love every ounce of him. So precious. I love the funny things kids say.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


We have been outside most of the day because it was a beautiful 77 degrees. I washed my car. I am so happy that it is all shiny. My neighbor Teresa, Ivy's mom, was laughing at me, saying she has never seen anyone clean there car as much as me. What can I say, I like a clean car.

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and Chris is in Vegas. (I miss you babe) I guess we are not doing anything. I might watch a little, I don't know.

I just sent Ivy home, with opposition from all sides. I think she would move in with us if we would let her. I could use another deduction on my taxes, but not that bad.

I guess I have to end this. Jax just came and asked if he could play Webkinz. He gave me the whole "please sugar mama, I'll give you a kiss" thing. I'm going to let him.