Saturday, May 31, 2008

The good outweighs the bad

I'll give you the details of what what has been going on with us with the bad first......

  1. Chris' transmission is failing. Ted drove it to work today. Hopefully a not too pricey report will come later today.
  2. I spent $347.00 at HEB yesterday. We were out of EVERYTHING.
  3. I quit my new diet a day and a half in. I couldn't do it. My mom and dad came to visit and my mom had lost 16 pounds in a couple of months with no exercise. She looks great and I want to lose 15 pounds, so I tried it. Can't do it. The first few days are no carbohydrates and no caffeine. None. Meat and eggs only. Cannot do it. I was getting cranky. I can diet and exercise but I cannot do that. I don't really like meat that much, and my body needs carbs. I do know I don't need caffeine. I didn't consume that much but when I did drink a soda I felt like I was having a panic attack. So.........I am off of caffeine. Not carbs though, and I feel great. I am going to kick it in gear and shed a few pounds though.
  4. David Archuletta didn't win American Idol. (He is a winner though)

Now for the good news..........

  1. Both of my kids can swim. Brooks is a natural. No kidding. Last week he wanted me to stand in the deeper water and he said he was going to swim to me. I said okay. He jumped in and swam to me. Then he wanted to swim to the side. I let him. He made it. All underwater. I was amazed. The rest of the day he was doing that, and didn't want me to give him a push to the wall. I was so shocked that I didn't want to tell Chris until we went back again just to make sure he could do it again. The next day he was jumping in and swimming to the edge himself. Chris couldn't believe it either. He is now swimming all the way across the pool. It is a little lesson on fear. Brooks had no fear and was swimming within minutes of trying. Fear holds us back. I am going to attach 2 videos of them swimming. I hope you can view them. (okay, they turned out blurry. Sorry, they were taken on my cell phone. The first one was Jax and the second Brooks.)
  2. We got our invite, and it looks like we will be ringing in 2009 in Cancun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yee Haw!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I had carbohydrates for breakfast!!!!!
  4. The pool is open for the summer.

I think that wraps up our week. Later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Welcome to Summer

I don't know about where you live, but it is hot here. Mimi and Big Dad are here visiting. We have been at the pool the last 2 days and we are all sun kissed. We are having a lot of fun, but summer is definitely here.

I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow but I know it does involve Hot Chicken Wings. Chris is excited about that. Tuesday, I think we are going to tour the Blue Bell Plant. Ice Cream, my favorite food, yeah!!!!!!!!!

I think I wrote about planting two tomato plants. Well, I already have 3 baby tomatoes. I am so excited.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Brooks' Night

The night finally came. He had been waiting a long time to go to the PBR (Professional Bull Riding). We drove to San Antonio around 3:00 so we could stop and have dinner before the big event. What were we thinking??? He wasn't hungry and didn't want to stop and eat. He was so excited!!! I wish I had video of him at Chili's. He did eat a little, even though he wasn't hungry. He sat in the booth and wrapped his little hands around my purse handle like it was the rope on the bull, threw his left hand in the air, and pretended to be riding a bull during dinner. Every parent loves to see their children happy, and Brooks was definatley happy last night. I do cringe a little at how much he loves it. We couldn't hardly get to our seats because he was trying to watch what was going on. I had to prod him to keep walking. We all did have a good time, but Jax wasn't really impressed. He was entertained for the first thirty minutes but then he was ready to go. A snickers bar pacified him awhile longer. Brooks on the other hand, was taking it all in. His favorite Bull rider, J.D. Mauney almost won. He got second. So that was cool. It was a late night, but a fun night. We didn't get home until 1:00 A.M. I think we will take it easy today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I had a great Mother's Day. I am so blessed. I actually got my present a couple of days ago because Brooks cannot keep a secret. They got me some new running shoes. I can't wait to try them out, hopefully this afternoon. Anyway, yesterday morning they each gave me a hand made card. Loved them. Chris wrote down what they wanted to say, and they were precious. We went to church then came home and took the above picture. We ended up at the pool. Mother's Day was not the day I wanted to break out the bikini, but we had a good time. There were a lot of people there. The ladies all hung out and chatted while the men chased the kids. Good times!!!!!! Hope all you moms had a great day too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Man, have we gotten a lot accomplished during the last couple of days. Today we spent most of the day working in the garage. We hung a bunch of shelves all down one side of the wall of our 3rd car garage. It looks so much better. Chris is real happy about it too. The garage is kind of his territory. He usually straightens it all up, then goes out of town and comes home and it is a mess again. It is just amazing how much CRAP we have. We thought we consolidated before we moved, but we still have so much stuff. Chris is always getting samples and they just pile up in the garage, but now they have a place on the shelf. He even wrote on them so we would know what is up high.

The boys are in bed and we are now resting, watching golf. I am going to try to get Grey's Anatomy started here in a minute. We are going to go to the 11:30 service tomorrow. Ivy, her mom, and maybe her sister are going to go too. Hopefully we will have a nice day of rest tomorrow, we need it.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Well, we had another full day of working in the yard. Everything looks soooooo good. I hope to spend some time on the back porch just enjoying it. Although, I think we are going to go get some stuff to organize the garage. We need a bunch of shelving and stuff like that. We are trying to get a bunch of stuff done that we have been putting off, because Chris has been so busy.

Next weekend is PBR (Professional Bull Riding). We are taking the kids to San Antonio. Brooks has been waiting a long time for this trip. For months he has been asking, "is it May yet."

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flowers, Flowers everywhere!!!!

I am so sore today. I spent the whole day yesterday digging and planting in my yard. I still have a lot of work to do today, but I love it. The boys (and Ivy) were so good while I worked. They even were really helpful digging some holes. I planted 2 tomato plants in the backyard among my flowers and bushes. Hope the home owners association doesn't happen to see them. I don't believe they are on the approved flower list. I cannot wait for that first tomato and to have a blt sandwich.

Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm back.............

I am back and will start posting regularly again. I will try hard anyway. I haven't gotten my computer fixed yet. It appears that the motherboard I need for my computer is no longer available. I am going to have to dig a little deeper, but I am pretty sure I can't get one. I guess I am going to have to go get a new computer.

We have been pretty busy. Chris had been gone alot the last month, but he is home for a while.

The kids swam a lot this weekend. It was really hot. It is pouring this morning though. We needed a good long rain. I am not sure what we are going to do today in all of this rain. Who knows???