Sunday, February 3, 2008

Pedicure Time!!!

I just got finished giving Jax, Brooks and Ivy a mini pedicure. They always beg for me to do it and this time I got to polish some toenails.

Interruption in blog.....All of the neighbors were outside so we have been playing outside for about 2 hours.

Anyway, I posted a picture of the kids playing with the big geotrax track that Jax and I built.

I just had to add the pictures of Jax sleeping. It is so funny, every night one of them sneaks back into the living room after the other one falls asleep. They like to watch tv with me for a while. Yeah whatever excuse to stay up a little longer. Anyway, the last couple of nights it has been Jax because Brooks hasn't gotten his nap. He curls up in his daddy's chair and falls asleep. I thought they were cute pictures.
I have to tell a funny line from Brooks. Today I told him he was about to get a spanking and he held up his little finger and say "okay, but not so hard this time it hurts my feelings." I couldn't help but laugh.

Now I have to tell a funny line from Jax. There was a big mound of fire ants in the back yard and Jax came running inside and said "I need the bug spray there are ants everywhere." I told him I would go help him. He said "No mom, I can handle it." I told him that those were chemicals and they were dangerous. He continued to argue with me. I asked him, "do you know why God gave you a mommy?" He said, "to love me." I was about to tell him that the reason he has a mother is because he doesn't know everything but instead I said, "you are right." He is right, I love every ounce of him. So precious. I love the funny things kids say.

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