Monday, March 29, 2010


Today turned out to be a good day but a little bit stressful for me. Three weeks ago Brooks failed part of the hearing test at his preschool. They retested him last week and he failed it again. During the first test he was congested due to a cold so that is why they retested him. Last week he had horrible allergy symptoms. I do too. You can write your name on the sidewalk, that is how thick the pollen is. His poor little nose is peeling because of blowing it! So I called and got in with a Pediatric Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist. Today was the day and I was a little concerned but not too much because I knew that he had passed his hearing test the past two years at the Pediatrician's office. So they really put him through a bunch of tests. They put him in a booth while they tested him. I set outside with the technician doing the testing. It was just excruciating listening to that guy tell him to say a certain word and he just set there. My sweet little angel couldn't hear what he was supposed to during part of the test. I cannot even explain the emotion! As a parent, I just cannot stand the fact that there might be something wrong. I just wanted to cry. I was getting so anxious. It was obvious he was not passing the test like he should. So they brought him out and the guy showed me his hearing on a print out chart. It was lower than it should be in both ears. Then he told me that there was a silver lining. He said that when he tested the nerve that goes to his brain it is perfect. So, there is something behind his eardrum that is keeping the eardrum from vibrating fully in his ears. Most likely fluid. Whew!!!! I felt a little better!

So we waited to see the Dr. and finally he comes in a looks in Brooks' ears. He said there is a lot of fluid, behind his eardrum, in both ears. He said it was murky looking. Brooks has never had an ear infection so I thought that was kind of weird. He gave us an antibiotic and an allergy spray and wants to see us again in 6 weeks. Apparently it takes quite a long time to get rid of the fluid. I am SO anti-medication, especially if they don't really need it, but he said it could develop into an infection. Anyway, the doc is 99% sure that once the fluid clears his hearing will be back to normal. Say a prayer for him anyway please!!!! Thanks!

Oh yeah, he and I spent a lot of time together today and all he wanted to talk to me about was killing a turkey and cutting his hair like Jax and daddy!!! He started this hair talk a few weeks ago and won't let it go. I don't know if I can do it, but I keep telling myself it is just hair!! Right???

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sweet Jax

Jax is not my lovie child, but lately he has actually been a little more sweet! He has been coming up to me, giving me kisses, and telling me he loves me. Wow, makes my day! Here is something he brought home from school today. I thought it was so sweet!!! It says:

Dear Mom and Brooks and Dad I love you very much and I love you mor than that and I hope your happy. love Jax

Isn't that sweet. We are happy and I think he is too. Just loved reading this.

Another sweet thing he said today was, "Mom, I prayed that we sell our house and can move." I was so happy to hear that come from him. You see, he LOVES going to church. We had to make him go to the class for his age group and of coarse he loves it. He didn't even want to go to Arkansas for spring break because he didn't want to miss church. He wanted Nana and Grandpa to come to our house instead. Chris and I are just thrilled!!!!!

Today I registered Brooks for kindergarten. He is so excited. He wants to start tomorrow. He wants to ride the bus the very first day. I said, uh NO. We ARE going to walk him to his class that first day and then cry all the way to the car. Chris is just as bad as I am. We will cry together. Then we will probably go on a lunch date together! Then I will cry all afternoon! About to cry right now so...................................................................................................................

cooked with an Easy Bake oven tonight. Ivy brought hers over. I sure haven't done that in a long time. It was kind of fun. Now we need more food to cook. I might have to go to Walmart tomorrow and get some.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Patio as promised

The patio is not finished but here are some pictures.......

The old bench that the boys and I painted!

My frozen bottle palm tree!!

Somehow, accidentally uploaded a bedroom pic, but my Mom was asking for one anyway so here is part of the bedroom!

So, Heather, what else do I need to do to the patio??? It still needs something???? A new owner, yeah, that is what it needs????? As far as I know, the people that were interested still haven't made a decision yet? Doesn't look good! It will sell when it is supposed to though!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I hope all of you are watching the 11 part series ( I think it is 11) called "LIFE" on the Discovery channel, the High Definition Discovery channel! The boys were so fascinated, and frankly, Chris and I were too!

Jax was pretty quiet but here are a few quotes from Brooks....

"Did they just say pupa? Now that is funny?"

"I did not know fish could fly, WOW!"

"Those birds are running on the water, UNBELIEVABLE!"

"Dolphins can make numbers with their tails!"

It really is a good family show and we are looking forward to the others!

In other news, we made it home last night and got everything put away before bed. That was a relief. Chris helped put all of the clothes up. I washed everything before we came home and that helped although they are a little wrinkled. Oh well!!

We stopped in Dallas to see some friends. A guy that Chris used to work with and his girlfriend Candy! We vacationed with them the two years that Chris won the New Year's trip. They just moved to Dallas and wanted us to stop and see their house and go to lunch. We were talking about my "job" of taking care of them. The boys were asked what my job is?? Jax says, "Mom's job is "everything" because Dad is always gone hunting!" It was hilarious. Not true, but hilarious!!!! Really don't know where he gets that because his daddy hunts a little but is usually working if he is gone, and he really isn't gone that much anymore!!!

We did spent a couple of hours trying to find a battery for Chris' truck. It was graveyard dead when we got home. It wouldn't even hold a charge! Finally found one, 164.00 and that was at Auto Zone. Apparently, no one carries it because it is so expensive! I was not happy because that just seems like a rip off!!!

Tomorrow, because I promised Heather, pictures of my patio!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

Spent the whole day yesterday cleaning and packing! Sending Jax to school until lunch then heading to G-town!!!! Look out everyone here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today, Brooks had his first game! It went a lot better than I thought it would. They still have a lot to learn, but did get 3 outs during the entire game. That is pretty good. They are only 5 and I try to remind myself of that when they are playing in the dirt and not paying attention.

The boys still think that the first one to get to the hit ball is the winner. You know, forget about the other team running to first, just fight your own teammate in the infield for the ball! They will catch on, I know! Brooks played first base during one inning and was more interested in squatting down, in front of first base, with his hat on backwards trying to block the on coming runner than watching to see if his teammates were trying to throw him the ball. I think we need to tell him that he is not playing football and that he is not supposed to be standing in the baseline. Anyway, he did get 3 good hits and had a lot of fun!
Seeing him in that little jersey with our last name on it totally makes me smile!!
This league does such a cool thing. They have an opening day parade. Lots of trucks full of baseball and softball players throwing out candy to all the spectators. It was so cool and the boys loved it!

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well, Jax comes from a long line of Cardinals fans, so it is only fitting that he would be picked for this team this year! Both the boys have GREAT coaches this year. We are going to have so much fun watching this season. So much better than last year! The Cardinals won their first game tonight 7-4. We are so proud of Jax. He played AWESOME! He hustled, he payed attention, he smiled the entire time, and he got 2 singles and a double!!! He cranked it to the outfield his second at bat!! He is so determined to make the All-Star team and if he keeps up the hard work I think he might!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

House for sale!

We put our house on the market Saturday and had a showing Saturday at noon. The people came back Sunday! Feedback from their realtor was that they have looked all over town and we are in their top 3 and they are just trying to decide which neighborhood they want to live in. Oh how I hope it is ours, we really want to move! Keep you posted!