Sunday, November 22, 2009

Packing up!

Well, today I packed up most of the things for our journey to Arkansas. I think I have most everything together. My brain is pretty much mush! My kids have put me through the ringer this weekend. Chris is gone hunting and the kids have been wild, to put it mildly. Constantly fighting! I don't know what the deal is lately but I am on my last nerve. Yesterday Jax got a bloody fat lip and Brooks got a swollen bloody nose!! I am not kidding! Today I didn't even ask "who" or "what" I just put them in time out, like 6 times, and one time for an hour. Brooks ended up falling asleep and then Jax went to play with Ivy. They are so good when I am all in the middle of everything playing with them but I can only do that for so long. Good thing Chris is coming home tomorrow and he is in a good mood. He killed 3 does and 2 good bucks.

On a positive note, Brooks tried an apple and liked it!! He was so proud of himself. He wants to like fruit he just insists that they taste bad. Give me a break! Grapes, yummy!! Anyway, maybe he will start eating apples for a snack! We can sure hope! Jax is such a great fruit eater and I never had to try to get him to eat it. He asks for it all of the time.

One more thing, the boys and I were playing Lego's and we were trying to figure out how to put one part together. Brooks figured it out and was all proud and said "see I am a smart elliott!" Funny, and he meant smart alack (sp) even though that was totally the wrong word too!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

He was right??

Well, it all checked out. Yep, Brooks got the huge chocolate bar because he was so good. To add to that, I have to say, the boys played for a few hours at the neighbors after school. Pam, my neighbor/friend, called me during that time to tell me what good manners Brooks and Jax had. Seriously, I am not kidding, she said Brooks was so sweet. Huh, glad to hear it. You just never know how your kids act when they are away and believe me, I wonder! They have been about 50/50 at home lately. That is fighting half the time and being angels the other half.

It is 9:00 PM and my sweet hubby just boarded his last flight of his journey home. He should be home in about 5 hours. After his 15 hour flight from China to New York his last flight was delayed. Buy hey, it could have been cancelled like a lot of them were. Apparently, there is bad weather there. Anyway, it has been quite an experience for him. He is very thankful that he lives in the USA. He said you just can't imagine how they live. I can't wait to hear all about it and just have him home. Who knows how tomorrow will go, we are on 2 different schedules! He is hungry and wants some good food. His request.......taco soup and strawberry shortcake. Easy!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today Brooks came home from school with a huge chocolate bar in his backpack. He said he was the only one in his class that got one. He said he got it because he was so good. I wonder what the real story is? I will have to check on that tomorrow! I will get back with you! Jax had a Veteran's Day Parade at school today and my sweet neighbor Pam took his picture and sent it to me. I didn't go because I have been cleaning non-stop!!!!

I am exhausted!! When Chris is gone I get into project mode. I guess that is the way I pass the time. I started deep cleaning and didn't know where to stop. I am so glad that he will be home tomorrow! This trip has really bothered me. Usually he is gone and I just count down the days until he comes home but something about him being like 6000 miles away is just getting to me. I will be just fine if he never goes to China again, and I think he will be too!!

Monday, November 9, 2009


A little glimpse into Halloween night! We had fun! Loaded up some of the neighbors and did a little trick or treating. The kids always love sitting in the back of the truck, with the Dads of coarse. Brooks was a cowboy. He had to have a little face paint just like his brother. He said that cowboys have dirty faces! Yes they do! Jax was an army guy wearing crocs. I was a little upset that he wouldn't wear his camo boots but whatever!