Thursday, February 19, 2009


The boys have been begging to go shoot their guns. There is a gun range close to the house so we told Jax that after school we would take them. They were so excited. I wanted it to be a guy thing but Brooks insisted that I go. How could I say No to that. So I was ready to go the minute that we got there but the boys were pumped. At one point Jax asked if he could stay and shoot all of the bullets he brought, like 200. Uhhhhhh NO!!! He was serious and he would have stayed as long as we let him. They had a blast. They were so cute. I am posting a picture of the story he wrote at school about it. Every day they have to draw a picture and write a story all by themselves. He was so excited about shooting that that was what his story was about. I will decipher it for you......I am going to the gun range with my dad and my brother today! We will have fun. He is really into his punctuation, notice the exclamation point and the big period.

This is what I got from Brooks when I said I didn't want to shoot. He talked me into it though. He wanted to see his mama shoot. I don't think he thought I could do it.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Jax's Valentine's Party

Jax and his friend Ian: Jax and his friend Drake:

Jax actually smiling:

When I got to his classroom they had been writing on this paper and this is what he wrote:
(I love my mom)

The kids that sit at Jax's table:

Jax had a fun little party but his favorite thing about it was that I checked him out after it. He got to leave at 12:30 and he was thrilled.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brooks' Moment

Jax and Brooks have been watching the video of Jax counting and Brooks wants to be on the computer too. So, I got Brooks saying his ABC's and his version of counting.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinner was NOT a bomb tonight and I had a great birthday!!!

Guess what we had for dinner tonight?????? Ground Deer burgers and they were awesome. Chris never ever keeps his deer meat. He always gives it away, but this time a bunch of the guys sent the meat to the processor and we got it back today. Seriously, I was scared during my first bite but it was so good. The boys loved it too. I am glad because we have a freezer full. We just got ground meat and sausage. Chris is going to cook the sausage for breakfast.

I had a good birthday. I got to go eat lunch with some friends and had dinner at home with my family. Thanks everyone for the cards and calls.

I did talk to Jax's teacher and she has no idea what he is talking about regarding him singing on stage at the party. The only thing she could think he might be thinking of is that they are about to have a western day and they are going to be teaching the kids a line dance. I still have no idea where he got that idea from but he is relieved that he will not be singing on stage in front of everyone!!

The other day at school Jax got his certificate for counting to 100 and knowing all of his sight words. My friend was there volunteering and she said he was so cute. He was grinning from ear to ear as he was standing in front of the class and everyone clapped for him. Wish I had been there to see it. So I was telling my mom how cute it is when he counts because he drags out the number before he says 30, 40, 50 and so on. I recorded him tonight and the video is below.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dinner was a BOMB!!

Occasionally I make dinner and wonder why I bothered. Tonight was one of those nights. It all started with watching Rachael Ray and the guy on The Biggest Loser pound out chicken breast flat. I had the great idea to try it and cook the chicken on my George Foreman grill. It would have been good if I hadn't put too much seasoning on it. The seasoning contained a lot of salt and I ruined the chicken. My neighbor had grilled using the seasoning and I just loved it. Well, I now know how much to use next time. We couldn't even eat it. I tried to wash it off but that didn't help. Oh well, lesson learned. So when dinner is a flop.....go get ice cream right???? We were headed to get ice cream but wanted to stop and look for golf balls first. We went back to the little honey hole I had found and we went a little further in the woods and found the mother load. Jax was so excited he could hardly stand it. Luckily he was wearing boots because he got buried up in the mud and couldn't get out. He got a little scared and yelled for me to help him. He told me to hurry and get him out of the quick sand. Anyway, we all filled our pockets and the bag Jax brought but had to leave a lot of balls behind. Chris had so many balls in his cargo shorts that he had to hold them up. And don't you worry, we WILL be going back for more soon. We were all covered in mud so we had to go home without going and getting ice cream. Probably a good thing, I don't need the calories anyway. We got the magic erasers out and cleaned all the balls. I counted them and we found about 116. Not bad!!!!! So this is what we do for family entertainment. So fun!

Jax and I are still going round and round about the 100 day of school party. He still says he is not going. He says he is not singing. I have no idea about the singing and I have an email in to his teacher about it. He is very, very adamant about not going though. I hope to know soon what is going on.

Today was a HUGE milestone for Brooks. He now can pull Jax's bow back and he was beyond excited. He is definitely going to be a big time hunter.