Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Invisible snow

It started snowing today at 5:15! The kids were so excited!! They had to just get out there and catch the huge snowflakes on their tongues. I have no idea why you cannot see the snow in the picture. Seriously, it was really coming down and I am now quite perplexed. I really stink at taking pictures so I am sure it is my fault. However, you CAN see my pitiful palm trees! I sure hope they survive and come back. This winter has been extremely devastating to every one's plants.

Oh yeah, this was the best picture I could get of the kids. Somehow Jax is blurry and the other two are not??? Jax is also making a horrible face which just ticks me off! Getting pictures of my kids with a natural smile is next to impossible!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mardi Gras

Ivy's parents brought her back some beads. Just a few. She brought them over to show the boys and this is what happened.....................

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Little Helper

Brooks really likes to help in the kitchen! They both really do, but Jax was still at school. Dinner comes early at our house, especially on baseball nights. Yesterday we had an extra yummy dinner. We cooked a T-bone, fillet, salad, corn, noodles, and fresh baked bread. Yum. Brooks and I first started on the salad. We put a lot of stuff in our salad. He cut pickles then carrots then cucumbers. Then he told me to go sit down and read a magazine and he would do the rest. I about fell over. It was hilarious. Funny thing is that he would try to finish dinner all by himself. Imagine that mess!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day!!!

We had a great Valentine's Day! We packed an overnight bag and went to Billy and Amy's house. They have the two boys that are the same ages as Jax and Brooks. The one's that we go to the ranch with. Our boys are like peas in a pod. They were all so anxious to get together. When we got there, Ty and Brooks hugged and squeezed each other. It was so cute. So Billy and Amy had hired a babysitter for the day and evening and we got the tickets. We drove to San Antonio to go to the rodeo and then Blake Shelton performed after! It was great! Miranda came out and sang "Home" with him and that was cool! We drove back to their house and stayed the night, they live an hour from us. Really, their boys wanted us to stay so we had planned for that. As usual, no pictures! We did take one picture at the concert and apparently Chris' blackberry takes blurry, horrible pictures. Too bad and fuzzy to post! It was a good time though and nice to spend a day holding hands with my valentine. And speaking of my valentine........I am so blessed! I can truly say that I love him more every year! He is my one and only and I would so marry him all over again!!! And if I was getting married I would definitely play this song at my wedding, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmIuNEhDTu4 I might play it twice, just like I do in my car. It is so good! Yes, I am hitting you with another new Lady Antebellum song. Listen to it, I dare you, then play it for your valentine like I did ten times yesterday!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

For music lovers

Here is what we have been listening to a lot. If you watch American Idol you will understand! His best impression is done when he thinks no one is watching but I just couldn't get that captured! The quality is poor, sorry!

FYI, I am a HUGE Lady Antebellum fan!!!! Their new album is great! "If I knew then" AKA #8 is AWESOME!! It makes me waltz in the kitchen while I swiffer! Seriously, it is sooooooooo good! I find it very annoying when I am trying to read a blog and there is music playing in the background so I have provided a link to the song instead of it playing on here. Listen to it, you must click below!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Post!

There have been several things this week that have caused me to be sad! Things that are out of my control. Things in peoples' lives that I cannot fix. I get that life is not fair but dang it stinks sometimes! It is just so frustrating!!! I am the type that wants to fix everything but that is not always an option. For now, I will just do what I can.

So, in the midst of all the sadness, let me tell you, that when I open up my kitchen cabinets it makes me smile! I got new dishes!!! Our dish situation was really pitiful and I have been looking for months at the Fiesta dishes online. I also had driven all over town on two occasions trying to find some that I liked. It was to the point where Chris was about to go buy some himself if I didn't do it. I was totally inspired by Rachael Ray. You know I haven't missed an episode. Her kitchen is full of color! Love it! I just couldn't decide what colors I wanted. Chris didn't get the "colors" thing. He thought I should just pick one and be done with it. I don't do decisions well. I don't usually go against his opinion. Because his opinion is usually a good one. I kept putting items in my online "shopping cart" so I could see the colors together. Then of course showed it to him, hoping for feedback. I guess he got sick of hearing about it for so long that he finally said to order them and it didn't matter what color or colors, just do it! So, I did, I did! I really, really like them and so does he. He told me that I made great choices in color and that he really likes them. Whew, I am so glad! You may be thinking that it is just a plate and that I am silly, but to me it was a big deal!

Jax was as excited as I was. He unloaded the dishwasher and loaded the new dishes so that he could eat dinner on an orange plate. Orange is his favorite color. Hunter orange to be exact.