Saturday, February 16, 2008

Computer Problems

I have been busy for the last 3 days trying to fix some computer problems. I have had some minor problems the last six months or so, but nothing major. I was trying to put some of my cd's into itunes so I can then put them on my ipod. It should have been easy but it wasn't. I started checking into my mcAfee virus program. It expired in 2006!! I am not sure how that happened but I was under the impression, from the guy that came and worked on my computer and installed the mcAfee in the first place, that I would be protected forever. Not so. Anyway, I tried to go online and update my subscription. I paid for it and then I couldn't download it. Uhh. After 4 live chats with McAfee with no resolution, I looked into it myself. I could download it on my laptop, so maybe a virus was preventing the download. I researched on Microsoft's website. Guess what?? I had tons of virus' and fyi they have a free scanner to keep your computer running great. It cleans and frees up disk space and checks for virus. All kinds of things. The link is They suggest that you run it once a month. So I was able to get rid of my virus' via Microsoft and then download my virus protection to keep that from happening again. I was about ready to trash this thing and start over with a new one, but I am glad that I didn't because so far all my problems are resolved. I was having a little problem with not getting some emails. Hopefully that will be fixed. Anyway, I hope maybe that link will help someone out there.

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