Monday, January 28, 2008

Long Winded!!!!

I am full of it today. I have a lot to say and tell. It is crazy around here.

First of all, my (our) little Brooksie (pic above) has been sooooo sweet lately. I don't know what has gotten into him but he has been so good and so sweet. The picture is from today at nap time. He has been picking different places to take his nap. Today he chose his closet. He is a little angel.

Secondly, I have been awakened by a phone call Chris got this afternoon. One of the wives that went on vacation with us was attacked while jogging yesterday. The guy was hiding in a bush and grabbed her when she went by. Another male jogger saved her life. She is okay, just emotionally shaken up. They live in a little town in Nebraska. Unbelievable. It has been an eye opener for me. I am not as naive as my husband and father think I am, but I did take note and will carry pepper spray with me at all times. You can't be too careful. I am fairly observant of things that matter, if you will remember, I noticed a guy following me home several years ago. Chris and friends were waiting on the porch with guns. That was a little frightening.

Thirdly, I had to change banks today. What an ordeal this is going to be. We are very unhappy with the first bank we chose I just dreaded changing. I do everything online, so setting everything up again is a nightmare. The ball is rolling and hopefully we will be fully converted in 2 weeks. Yuck!!!

Fourthly, (is that proper grammar???) We got a new tv and blue ray dvd player. Yes, we are excited but several things must be done to get it working. A little construction to our living room wall, and switching to direct tv provider. That means I have to program my dvr again. No simple task! I will post a picture when they get it all done.

Fifthly, (lets just roll with the counting -good grammar or not) An African-American girl came door to door. She was selling magazines. Interesting cause though. I think it is a wonderful thing. She was from a christian organization to help single mothers going to school. The organization gets magazine companies to donate the magazines. She goes door to door selling them. She makes income off of the sale and gets money for daycare. This particular girl was going to school to be a Registered Nurse. They are required to go to certain neighborhoods and ask the home owner what profession they are in and what things contributed to their success. Then she asks if they have any advice for her. Cool huh!!!! And for all you skeptics she did have proper documentation and I made the check payable to the organization.

Lastly, I got all of my tax stuff ready today. Big Accomplishment - Ye Ha!!! I dread it every year. I am just glad, after moving, that I could find everything. Now all I have to do is find an accountant.

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