Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Construction Update

Here are the pictures that I promised awhile ago. It turned out great. We aren't quite finished. We have to get the surround sound hooked up. That middle hole is for the sub woofer.

We have been spending a lot of time outside. It has been beautiful. It is fun, all the neighbors hang out and we all share out suppers. The neighborhood life.....we've never had that.

Speaking of suppers.........my mom will be proud. I mad an awesome dinner last night. I cooked fresh salmon and a raw broccoli dish that I cannot get enough of. Chris has been wanting me to cook fish but I was scared. I tried it and it was great. He was so happy!!!!

Everybody has something that they like. I love flowers, but mostly saving the seeds and using them the next year. I come by it honestly. Both of my Grandmothers do that also. It is not hard but it is rewarding for me. What is even more fun is that Jax likes it too. At the end of the summer he and I separated the seeds out of our petunias and put them in a baggy. We got those petunias from Grandma Bea and they are petunias that she got from her mother's house years ago. So it will be fun when we plant them in a pot and know they go way back. So much fun I can hardly stand it. The boys each got a small pot from Lowe's. One came with a watermelon seed and the other a pumpkin seed. We planted the seeds and they are about ready to be put in the ground. Our backyard I suppose, we are not quite set up for a garden but I am going to try. How great will it be if we get to eat a watermelon from our own backyard. I know it is no big thing but for us it is exciting and a lesson learned. I ordered 1000 salmon vinca seeds and they should be here today. I bought a bunch of the starter greenhouses and we are going to start the vinca's and some white alyssium (sp). I have had a lot of vincas over the last 9 years but I have never seen a salmon colored one. I am excited.

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