Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kitchen is organized

Okay, I can now use my kitchen and the front yard is cleaned up. It sure is hard not having a garage to pile all your stuff into when you move in. We are managing though. I'll be back with a report on tomorrow's progress. I really should have taken some pictures of this massive disaster because pictures are worth a thousands words right????

Friday, July 30, 2010

Closing Day

Today was quite a relief. We have been working 5 long days moving out of our old house and into a rent house half the size of what we had. I am exhausted! I can barely think. Everywhere I look there are boxes and piles of stuff that I have to put somewhere. I can take my time though, getting out of the old house by today was about all of the pressure I need for awhile. I'll post some pictures of the new place soon.

I did take a couple hours on Tuesday and took Brooks for his follow up at the ENT Dr. Everything checked out perfect, his hearing is back to normal in both ears. Yeah!!

One more thing, Camo learned to shake! I have been trying to teach him for awhile and today he did it. It is so cute how he puts his little paw up. It made me happy!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Puppy Love Part II

Well, Camo is doing great. The boys are so protective. They totally crack us up. They worry about him getting hurt, running away, being hungry, etc. The weird thing is, he likes to go out of our yard to poop! He can fit through our iron fence, so he goes poop and comes back. I guess that is good, but the boys are always worried that he is going to run away. He doesn't though. That is one very positive thing, he has never just run off. So great! He slept all night the first couple of nights, but now he is not. We have been getting up a couple times at night for him to potty. It is like a newborn all over again. It will pass though, and he will be sleeping all night. Jax cannot wait for Camo to sleep with him. So all in all, Camo has been really great. We all love him.

He had his first vet visit this week. He only weighed 5.5 lbs. He is all hair. Everything checked out great and the vet loved him and asked if he could keep him. Not a chance. The boys spoke up with a big "NO" on that one.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Puppy Love

Well, after the last dog adoption incident, I proceeded with extreme caution. I did my research, and hope to have found the perfect dog for our family. We had promised the boys after we sold our house we would get them one. A labradoodle is the breed I chose and started looking for one close to us. They are kind of hard to find. The boys really wanted to pick out their own puppy. I get that. When I was for sure that we were going to drive to Arkansas for Chris' class reunion, I started looking for one on the way there. I found a litter in Brinkley, but they are called Double Doodles. That is a cross between a labradoodle and a goldendoodle. Perfect, these double doodles are multicolored instead of the traditional, black, chocolate and cream colors of Labradors, so he looks "camo," like his name. So it was the longest drive ever because the boys counted down every minute. Chris and I were excited too. So we finally got there and had 10 puppies to choose from. Immediately the boys picked out the one they wanted. They never questioned if they picked the right one. After they picked "camo," the people let the parents out and they were so cool. Just gorgeous and playful. They live right in the middle of duck hunting country and they told us that Camo's dad is a great hunting dog. That thrilled the boys.

So here he is.....

He is so tiny and feels just like a teddy bear. He will be around 50 lbs they think. The boys and camo slept all the way to Nana and Grandpa's house. We didn't leave Brinkley until 9:00 PM. So far no accidents and he slept all night in his crate without making a peep! Hope that continues.
Here is a little clip of the boys about an hour before we got there.