Friday, January 30, 2009

Can you say "Precious"?????

I went in to check on the boys a few minutes ago and found them in this cute position. Chris is hunting with the Academy guys so the boys get to sleep with me. They looked so cute I had to take a picture.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I really don't know what I am going to do with this kid. First of all he cracks us up every single day. It is always something with him. Today was extra funny. We were out of milk so we had to go to the store. I told him we were going to get a FEW things. On the way to the store he starts asking me all kinds of questions. One of them was "How did God make all the people?" So I explain it to him the best I can and he sighs really loud and said "B.S. tell me how he really made them!" Seriously, that is exactly what he said. Yes, he did say B.S. he didn't say what it stands for (thank goodness) and we can all thank Chris for that. Chris says that all the time but this is the first time I heard Brooks say it. So it just went on and on after that. At the grocery store he loudly says "look at this cart, you said we were only getting a FEW things and this is more than a few!" He questions my driving all the time too. There is more than 1 way to get to places and he is watching my every move and lets me know if I am not going the right way. We can thank Chris for that one too because we all know that I have to have a GPS to get around. Then we get home a little while ago and he strips down to his underwear and says "B-DOG IN THE HOUSE!" His daddy calls him B-dog. So there is a glimpse into my last 2 hours. It is always something and he keeps me rolling. I had to share those funnies before I forgot them.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Chris, Brooks and I took the 4 wheeler today and got it fixed. It cost us 75.00 but I guess it was worth it. Jax was so happy when he got home from school and got to ride it. I think it has been broken for about 9 months. He got his report card today, and it was good, so this will be his little reward. He was smiling from ear to ear (except when I was trying to take the picture).
The weather here is cold too. It suddenly went from 75 degrees to about 50 this afternoon. I don't even know what it is right now but probably............I just checked and it is 43. That is COLD to me.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Migraine Monday

I haven't had a migraine in 11 1/2 months but today ended my streak. I was so hoping I was never going to get one again, but 1 a year is tollerable....I guess. So to begin the story, we have all had colds around here and I kept Jax home today because he coughed a lot last night. I had an appointment downtown Houston to get Jax's 4-wheeler fixed (at a vacuum shop????). I was going to cancel but I decided to just take them and get it over with. Jax really felt okay, I just didn't want to send him tired and coughing a lot. Chris had a meeting and I figured if I got it done we would all be back at the house at the same time. We loaded up and headed downtown. I get about half way and the flashing light starts. I want to cry. I can only see half of everything. I am in like 4 lanes of traffic and trying to exit. I stop in a parking lot and try to reverse my directions on my GPS so I can get home, but it is kind of hard when you can only see half of everything. All I am hearing from the back seat is how bad they wanted the 4 wheeler fixed. I had an Imitrex with me that Dr. Laws had given me like 3 years ago. For some reason I had never tried it, actually I found it cleaning out my medicine cabinet a couple of months ago and I put it in my purse. So I dug it out and took it. It didn't help at all. So with a lot of prayer I made it home. The boys played while I was on the couch with a blanket over my head. A migraine is so miserable, but luckily the worst part only last 3 or 4 hours. I don't know how people handle it any longer than that, but I guess you do what you have to do. It will be fine with me if I don't have another one for a year or 10 years.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miranda and Blake Pictures

The boys are playing together so well right now that I thought I would sneak in here and try to post these pictures. One is with Miranda, Chris and Grant. The other one is with Blake, Miranda, Chris and Austin. Notice Blake is giving Chris a wet willy. Blake thought it would make a funny picture. Anyway, Chris got to spend a few days with all of them and he had a lot of fun. He didn't send me the picture of him with Rick and Beverly Lambert. If I get it later I will post it too. As some of you may know he has grown quite close to Rick and Beverly. Their road to fame is a great story to hear. They spent every penny, and then some, trying to help her make it. Miranda and her parents live a very moderate lifestyle (Miranda drives a used Jeep Liberty) and they spend a lot of money helping people in need. My kind of folks!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So yesterday went by so fast but was really a great day. I really meant to do this post last night but I was seriously exhausted. I actually fell asleep on the couch, which never happens! Anyway, Chris worked and I finished up the laundry. Then I went for a run while Chris checked Jax out of school a few hours early. Chris had been gone several days and wanted to go get him so they could play. For dinner I made Fish tacos. They were okay, not great, but not bad either. Then we geared up to go deep in the bush at the golf course. Seriously, one of my favorite things to do. So the pictures below are the guys cleaning them and then the pile of 90+ balls. Not bad for a 30 minute recon mission.

Below is a picture of Brooks asleep behind the couch. He got mad at me because I wouldn't get him an envelope to put one of his pictures in. He uses a lot of envelopes and I said no this time. So he was mad and hid behind the couch and cried. Next thing we know...he's asleep. Sweet, I covered him up, no complaints here. I really don't know what I am going to do with him. I let him get away with too much because he totally cracks me up but I have got to put my foot down. He got grounded from the wii today. He was really talking back to me and I had had enough. He does not like to get grounded from the wii. It is just always something hilarious. Jax and I were arguing a little tonight about Jax wanting me to get him some strawberries. Well, Jax is big enough to get his own strawberries. So we were arguing about it and Brooks comes over and slams both of his hands on the couch where we were and says "chill"!!! Today I was getting onto him (somewhere around the wii grounding time) and he responds to me and says "where there is a way there is a will." So he said it wrong, but where did he hear that. I don't know, but I wish I could remember the 50 things like that that he says everyday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back to Normal!!!

So we are home and trying to get back to normal. I finished all of the laundry yesterday. I spent the whole day today cleaning and organizing the playroom and cleaning up my closet. Tomorrow is gymnastics and then home to go for a run.

I don't remember what I did or did not tell about our vacation, but we had a really, really great time. It was absolutely wonderful. I was waited on for 5 days straight and now I know how my kids feel. Ha, ha!! Back to reality now, that is for sure.

Here are some of the pictures. I will post more later.
Moon Palace:

Our room:

New Years:

Willie and Sally

Brian and Becky

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We got back last night and will head home to Texas in the morning. We had a wonderful time in Cancun and now are ready for life to get back to normal. I will try and post some pictures in a few days.