Saturday, January 26, 2008

Karate Kid

We are watching Daniel Son right now. What a great movie. I went to Walmart this morning and passed the bin of cheap movies and picked out a few. It is kind of sad that I have a child that doesn't want to watch Dora the Explorer and Toy Story anymore. He is really into this Karate Kid movie are we. We are into family movie night. We watched Night at the Museum the other night. It was good too. Good family movies are hard to come by though. Oh how funny...Jax is squealing and clapping, Daniel just Crane kicked the guy in the face. Even funnier, Chris and Jax keep rewinding it and watching it. Funny!!!! I sure hope I don't see either Leonard boy trying that move on anyone or each other.

Sherry is having fun in Hawaii. We have talked to her a couple of times. We are so glad she went.

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