Saturday, January 12, 2008

Trophy Day

Today was Jax's last basketball game and he got a trophy!!!!!! After his game the team met at a donut shop to hand out awards. Everyone was eating donuts except Jax. He was so excited about his trophy that he didn't want to eat. It was cute.

I am so, so bothered by the Mr. (coach to me) Sumner thing. I am waaaaaaaaay beyond shocked at the whole thing. He was my coach for a few years then my teacher for a couple of years. He sang in our church choir. Who knew? I guess the part that really bothers me is that just when you think you know somebody something like that happens and it makes you question everyone. Sad. His family must be devastated. He must be devastated. I do feel bad for him though. I truly believe that people have evil spirits that make them do the things they do. People are not bad, the spirits are bad.

I have to tell a funny story from this morning. Jax's game was at 8:30 at a new place. Chris got me a GPS for Christmas but I don't know how to use it yet. I printed off the directions from Mapquest and thought I had it all under control. The directions were wrong and I was talking out loud to the boys. I told them I must have taken a wrong turn. Brooks said "Why did daddy Leave (really he said weave) us, cause he doesn't make wrong turns." Nice!!!!!!! I do the best I can.

Chris will be home tomorrow around 3 PM and I can't wait. He has been gone way too long. I think the Cowboys play at 4 and I am going to cook hot wings.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't use MapQuest, they are known to be pretty bad. Give Google Maps a try.