Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Congrats to Chris

Chris called me last night, he is in Indianapolis at the ATA show, and told me that he won rep of the year with his group. That is so awesome. He won rep of the year from one of the manufacturers he works for and that is why we got the vacation but this award is from Outtech (The rep group he works for). They have like 40 or 50 reps and he won the award!!! I am so proud of him. His prize is a hunt of his choice. He is excited!!!!

Anyway, speaking of the vacation, Chris said that more people got sick after they got home. Yuck............I sure wish I knew what it was that made us sick.

Today we and a couple of my neighbors and all the kids are going to Shogun for lunch. I hope this is a fun experience. The boys should like it but they do get a little loud and carried away when other kids are around.

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