Thursday, January 24, 2008

I am a Cyrus Fan!!!!

I love the new song from Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus!!!!!!!! Okay, I really, really, really like it. I get scolded frequently for saying I love things. Chris tells me I "love" him, not things. He is right. It just comes out like that. Anyway, the song is soooo good. I wonder if Billy Ray wrote it. It sounds like it could be a true story between them.

We had a good evening. I went running at 4:00 PM. Then we sent Ivy home at 4:30 PM. I cooked some teryaki chicken and made fried rice (so good, yummy). We made a fire in the fireplace. The kids were all excited about seeing "fire". Since they were all wound up we just got really rowdy and started playing football. That was fun. We put the kids to bed at 8:00. Brooks was out immediately and Jax is still watching t.v. We are now being entertained by American Idol followed by Criminal Minds.

Over and Out.

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