Saturday, May 22, 2010

The slow down

Baseball is over. Today Jax's team lost both games of the end of season tournament. He had a great season and I am so proud of the way he played despite the fact that they got pounded every game. There is just no way to win if you have 8 kids that strike out EVERY time. It is so sad and there is no way to pump the kids up when that happens every game (except that one game I told you about). I am kind of sad that it is over, but I am welcoming the break. Now when school gets out we will have some real fun with nothing specific to do.

Ivy went to the game with us and on the way home they all decided they wanted to go swimming. They also asked if Ivy could stay the night so she could just get up and go to church with us. I don't care, fine with me. While we were swimming they told me a funny thing that happened at school yesterday, and I have to tell you. Jax and Ivy have the same teacher and there is this boy that is ALWAYS in trouble. It is not really funny that he causes a lot of problems at school, but what he said is funny. So yesterday he got in BIG trouble and sent to the Principal's office! This is first grade people and it for sure wasn't the first time! They called his mother and she had to come get him. They sent him home for the day. So he had to go back to the class with his mom and get his backpack. As he was leaving her turned around to the class, threw up the peace sign, and said, "So long suckers!" I couldn't help but laugh. I am still cracking up! I am also so thankful that my son is well behaved at school.

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