Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exciting Baseball

The boys have been playing baseball for a while now. The season ends Saturday. Jax had his last game tonight before Saturday's tournament. Let me start by saying that Jax's team has not been so great. Not sure how it happened, because they have tryouts and coaches pick teams by drafting. Not to help matters, our coach rotates all of the boys in the field so they can learn all the positions. The other teams don't. I understand and that is fine with me. He also doesn't send our runners on overthrows because he says that doesn't teach the kids anything. All of the other teams do. Again, fine with me. So that being said, they won their first game and got pounded all of the rest.

Last week the coach sent out an email asking parents if we want to play to win the tournament. Putting the best kids in the important positions. I responded with, "whatever you decide is fine with me!" Apparently, the majority response was "to win." We started playing that way tonight! For whatever reason, our usually down team came to play. We played the number one team in our league and lost by 2. It was absolutely amazing. We (the parents) were absolutely beside ourselves. Everyone kept saying, "who are these kids?" The better they did the more excited they got. Kids that don't ever hit the ball were hitting out to the outfield. They were making plays we have never seen them make before. They didn't really make any major mistakes, which is way unusual. The whole team played awesome and Jax had an incredible game. He played short stop and made some plays tonight that shocked us all. A mom on the team came over to me and said, "Jax is like a vacuum out there, man he is playing great!" It was just so fun, wish all of the games had been like that. We are still so pumped that we keep talking about it. I sure hope the tournament Saturday is as fun!

So if you need me this week I will be at the ball fields. Brooks has a game tomorrow night. Jax has practice Thursday and Friday. Tournament starts Saturday and we have to be there at 7:00AM! Then it is all over and we get to be home for a while.

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Stacy Carter said...

It is so much more fun when it is competitive ball!