Monday, May 17, 2010


They pulled this out of one of the lakes in our neighborhood today! Nice! I will have to pay a little more attention while I am out jogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had such a great weekend with the Carters and the Goodwins. You can get the highlights off of their blogs and save me the time and energy:


Stacy Carter said...

That is scary! I don't think I would jog anymore!

Mom2Three said...

That baby is big!! Was it by the jogging trail??

Jennifer said...

It was one of the lakes in the front of the neighborhood. If there is one up there then they are probably everywhere. There is a lot of swampy looking places on the nature trail back in the woods. I am sure there are some in there too!! I am just thinking about all the times we are standing around the edges fishing! Yikes!!!