Friday, October 12, 2007

Out of the Fog

To be honest, I have been grumpy for the last 4 days. I can't help it, it was PMS induced. I am not usually in a bad mood but everyone is entitled once in a while. It is such a rare thing that Chris was trying to do everything he could to cheer me up. He couldn't stand it that I wasn't acting normal. He just kept following me around saying "how can I cheer you up?" Anyway I am good now. Actually I started feeling better yesterday after I used the spa gift certificate Chris got me for our anniversary. I had the best facial and massage I have ever had!!!!! Girlies save your money and come see us and we will go to the spa. I wanted to stay all day!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to update you all on Chris' deer. I was proofreading his article for the Evolved Newsletter and remembered that I hadn't told you all he killed a big 8. He didn't get the big 11 point he was after, but he is going to try again next week. I guess in the fall the hunt will air on one of the outdoor channels.

I sure hope Jax gets to hunt during gun season. He really, really, really wants to kill a buck. Chris said he was going to take him somewhere where they are going to kill a bunch of does. He laughed and said he was not going to kill a doe only a BIG BUCK!!! Chris didn't say a word, he just smiled.

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