Tuesday, October 30, 2007


For almost a week now I have been helping my Grandmother with her new house. The place needed a little cosmetic work. I've been stripping wallpaper, painting, cleaning out the pond, painting, building an arbor, painting, hanging blinds and curtains, painting and shopping. I spent 2 1/2 hours at Lowe's with my 2 children. I am tired but I am beyond excited about the changes we have made. The funny thing is she keeps thanking me and telling me she will never be able to repay me. Repay me.... I am so reenergized by being able to help her. Yes, my grandmother holds a very special place in my heart and we have always been close, but I would have the same "high" if I was helping a stranger. The moments are frequent when I feel this way and pray that some day I will be able to "give" on a regular basis. I really used to do it every day. When I was working and doing hair I would constantly be throwing in stuff for free just because I liked to see people smile. I loved for a woman to leave my chair feeling good about herself. It was my passion. I remember seeing Chris Rock's wife on Oprah and her talking about "having everything" and thought she would be happy but she was wrong. Things don't make you happy. She took her wealth and opened a place for women where they taught them to make it in this world. She gave them makeovers, educated them, gave them suits and really taught them to make it on their own. That was huge to me - I want to be her partner. I hope someday that God blesses me so much that I can do something like that. I am betting it will happen too!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Jenn, I just read this and I don't know how to tell you how much it blesses me. You have so eloquently described one of the basic keys to joy in this life. I hope you know how much this pleases your Father in Heaven as well. It should also be no surprise that the "giver" also receives in measure to what is given. I love you so much
Your Dad