Wednesday, August 18, 2010


First, sorry that I am a couple days behind. Quick road trip to Greenwood and Rogers. Now I am home and ready to post pictures. I will make this short and sweet, because that is how I like stories!

After having our house on and off the market for over a year, it finally sold. We wondered why it took so long. Well, it was all in God's plan.

So when we got the contract in on our house we started looking hard for a place to move to. We looked at several houses. Some that we kind of liked. Didn't love any of them. We kept looking. Nothing felt right. Then, our loan guy put the pressure on us, because it takes longer now to close on a house than it used to. He told us we needed to hurry up if we were going to go from one home to another. So, Chris and I decided to rent a house. What a relief that was. We were happy with that decision. In the midst of moving, we were still looking on the internet every day for new listings. We were believing that God was going to put the perfect house out there for us or we were going to stumble upon the perfect builder, or something! We knew God would work it all out. Boy, did he. I found a new listing that looked interesting on a Thursday. Chris was busy, and our realtor was busy, so we couldn't go look at it until that Saturday. We scheduled our appointment for 10:00 AM and there were 2 other couples there looking at it at the same time. So we went in and looked around. We were in awe, to put it mildly. It was everything we ever wanted and MORE! Seriously, perfect! Not to mention, the asking price was 72,500 less than the home we just sold! The only concern, all the other people there looking just as long and hard as us.

So we definitely wanted to make an offer. (after just unpacking and moving into our rental) Our realtor thought we should make a full price offer. If you know me, I couldn't stand to do that. Even though it was way less than we ever thought we would have to pay. So we made a good offer and prayed that if it was meant to be, it would be. It was hard. We waited. The next day, our realtor called to tell us that the buyers were waiting on another offer before they responded to ours. Great, we were a little anxious about it. We really, really liked the house. So, that evening Chris and I were outside with the boys and we were wondering what was going on. I no more said, "If it is God's will, then it will all work out," when our realtor called with good news. The second offer never came in and the house was ours!!! The house was obviously under priced, because they had something like 16 showings in 5 days.

So God taught us a huge lesson on patience. We wondered why it took so long to sell our house. It was because our perfect home wasn't available yet and if we had settled for one of the homes we just kind of liked, we would have truly missed out. It looks like we will close on September 9th.

So here it is, with the pictures in random order. It is on 2.5 acres and you cannot see the house from the road. It has a winding driveway through the trees! Love it!

Oh yeah, one more thing, his and her closets, and huge shower in the master bath with double shower heads, and well, totally cabinish!!!


SheWolf said...

So Pretty!!! Love it! Congrats!

Mom2Three said...

Love all the small stone on the bathtub and sinks!! I can't wait to see it when you get all of your stuff in it!! Beautiful and looks so like you and Chris!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks girls. The sellers personally did a lot of the remodeling. The husband even made the mirrors, towel rods, toliet paper rods and curtain rods himself out of metal. It is so unique. Love it!!