Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boys talking

Conversation I overheard about 30 minutes ago from the backseat!

Brooks: "Look, there is a big diesel truck with a brushguard!"

Jax: "Yeah, but it is a dually."

Brooks: "My first truck is going to be a big diesel truck with a brushguard and bull nuts hanging from the back, and I am going to drive it around my ranch."

Jax: "You aren't going to have enough money to buy a ranch!"

Brooks: "Yes, I am and I am going to buy 2 diesel trucks and probably a four wheeler too!"

Jax: "No you are not!"

Brooks: "Yes I am, cause I am going to work for Bone Collector and you are just trying to get me irritated and if you don't stop I am not going to let you come hunt on my ranch."

Then they went on to what kind of animals they are going to put on their ranch and I quit listening. Oh, and about the "bull nuts!" We were walking in the Academy parking lot the other day, when a truck passed us with a set hanging from it. Seriously, I don't get it! Anyway, Jax said, "look mom that guy is a hunter!" I said, "how can you tell?" I was really trying to figure out where this one was going when he said, "He has a turkey leg hanging from his truck!" Well, guess they kind of do look like turkey legs???????? I then explained to him what it really was, but couldn't explain to him why someone would put them on the back of their truck!


SheWolf said...

CUTE story! I was cracking up!

Tonia Hobbs said...

The stuff people come up with. . .and then us parents have to figure out some logical way to explain it. . . it's just not right.