Wednesday, August 11, 2010

As Promised....Our new crib!

I have been holding out for a day when the place was somewhat clean, so that I could take some pictures. It happened for about an hour and a half yesterday, but I forgot to take pictures. So here it is, mess and all.

I think I got shots of about everything except the front????? Bedroom/Storage room
Boys room, that was clean yesterday, until they got home from running errands with Daddy. I found Camo in their room late last night with his head in a bag of potato chips. As I was picking up that mess, I looked over at the two tubs (blue and green) and wondered why one was stacked on the other. Yeah, should have known, there are real fish, from the creek, in there. They snuck those by me, somehow?

Another storage room/bedroom

I must say that, I have been spoiled in my life. I have always had big, wonderful closets? Missing that right now!

You like how I have 2 refrigerators in my kitchen? Nice, huh!

One of Camo's favorite places.....

One of his other favorite places........

The boys favorite place......this is right beside our house. EVERY DAY the boys and dog are covered in the mud, then they all get in the shower together. It is so cute! I don't even ever have to bathe the dog and he smells great!

Tomorrow, the story and pics of our new place! Hopefully!

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Mom2Three said...

Isn't renting so much fun??? Ha! Did you have to make all those holes for all those deer on the wall or did that come standard with the trailor??? Just kidding! Those are going to look awesome in your new house!