Sunday, August 29, 2010


The boys had a great first week of school. Chris and I were sad that our baby went to kindergarten, but he likes it, so that made it easier on us. What did we do all week? We worked out together a few days, had a couple of lunch dates and just enjoyed the quiet time together. Chris had meetings one day, so I had a half day all to myself. That has been a long time coming!

Chris took Matt, one of the buyers, on a hunt this past May. Matt got an axis deer and Chris shot this scimitar oryx, but hit it about 4 inches too high. They couldn't find it. A few days after he got home, it was spotted alive. This past Friday the owner called and told Chris to come back this weekend and get him. So he hunted and hunted, no shot. Just when he thought he was going to come home empty handed, he saw it. He shot him good this time! He saw where his last shot went in and out, and had healed up. So, they are supposed to make great steaks? We will see, he's headed to the processor tomorrow.

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