Saturday, March 28, 2009


To make a long story short, apparently Brooks' first game scheduled for today was cancelled because the field was too wet. Our team showed up but the other team didn't. The field was not wet so we practiced a little, and they need it. Four year olds, of course, don't know anything about baseball. They sure looked cute though. I got a couple of pictures and I know they are not very good but the wind was brutal.
He did great hitting the ball. He hit it hard, and the first time, both times at bat. We have been playing baseball with all the neighbor kids and hopefully Jax and Brooks will pick up on some of the rules of the game that way. It is a lot for a kid to learn.
One little funny to tell....We got Brooks' uniform the other day and told him his team was the Diamond Backs and he said "no, I am a razorback!"
I am watching tv (The Doctors) at the same time I am blogging and Jillian from "The Biggest Loser" is on there. She just gave some long explanation for why artificial sweeteners can make you fat!!!! So not only are they bad for us they make us fat too. Nice. They also were talking about how artificial colors are really bad for us too and they have been banned in a lot of countries. Artificial colors are in everything. Oh I try to be healthy and do the right thing for my family but sometimes I am completely overwhelmed. Oh one more thing.....I love spray butter and the label says that it has zero calories but the whole bottle of spray butter actually has 900 calories. Still way way better than butter but it is frustrating the way they are able to lie to us.

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