Thursday, March 12, 2009

Artificial Sweetners........

Well, okay, I have been having an inner struggle with this topic for a couple of years. I keep hearing about how artificial sweeteners are not good for you but I kind of ignore it because I am always trying to cut calories. It just seems to creep back into my mind and I feel guilty about drinking the diet drinks and the splenda in my coffee. The Doctors (one of our favorite shows) was talking about it again the other day. Chris and I were talking too and decided to quit drinking diet sodas (I have done this before and relapsed). Seriously, I was drinking about 3 Pibb Zeros a day and Chris was drinking that many or more. So what about my coffee??? I have to have the coffee!!!!!! I started my research online and have decided to not consume any more artificial sweeteners. I went out to lunch today and I wanted to order a diet coke but I didn't. I guess that is a step in the right direction. I wish I could learn to drink my coffee black! It is an acquired taste right?? Kind of like the dry red wine that I have learned to like. You know, come to think of it, my Grandma (love ya Granny) is in her 80's and is in great health and doesn't take a single medication and the only thing I have EVER seen her drink is water. No wait, I've seen her drink black coffee and I think some wine at the holidays. Anyway, water is what I should be drinking all of the time. I know I am rambling but that makes me think of something that caught my attention a couple of days ago. Chris has this really big sports bottle with a lid and lately he has been filling it to the top and drinking on it all day. Jax was curious about it and Chris told him why he was drinking it. The next day Jax got his water bottle and went over to the refrigerator and filled it up. We didn't say anything. He carried it around all day and then when he finished it he showed it to his Daddy. Chris thought it was cute and I reminded him of how his boys watch his every move. They want to be just like him and that is fine by me.

Here is just one of the articles I read if you are interested:

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