Monday, April 6, 2009

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

All I see in my future is baseball. This week....Jax had practice tonight, Brooks has practice tomorrow night and Jax has golf lessons, Brooks has a game Wednesday night, Brooks has practice again Thursday night. I don't think we have any games this Saturday but will have 2 games every Saturday after that for a while. I am thankful that Jax only practices on Monday nights and Brooks Tues/Thurs because I would be in quite a bind if Chris was out of town. I knew this busy life would finally come and I have really enjoyed my "no activities" home life so bring it on!

Every day they both ask me how long until the pool opens. They love to swim. I would love for them to be on our neighborhood swim team but I don't think we can fit it in. Seriously, I am so sick of Brooks wanting to know if the pool is open today, when I just told him yesterday, that it is going to be a long time. Didn't he hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, he will ask again tomorrow.

I know I am always talking about how funny Brooks is, and he is, and today was no different than any other day. He cracked me up all day, but really made me laugh hysterically this afternoon. I was putting his socks on and sneezed. He looked at me and said "You jerk, you just spit all over me, ummmm I mean bless you!" I just fell over laughing. The way he said it was sooooo funny!!!


Small Town Girl said...
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Small Town Girl said...

Omg Jennnifer that is so funny I can't stop laughing he seems like he is something else.. Your kids are so cute! Looks like you will be really busy at the ball fields as well we Kent is having his practice this friday @ the C.L.F. in Fort Smith that is where we will be three or so days a week. I love all the pictures you post I read your blog all the time and smile at the things your kids say and do so much fun wish they would stay little for longer than they do...Skylar keeps us on our toes with some of the things she says and does. I have also tagged you in a few of my blogs so if you have time check them out and I hope you have a good day!