Sunday, August 17, 2008

Should have gone with my gut!!!!

Chris was out of town Friday and Saturday. He got home about 8 last night. I was bored. Ted, our neighbor, called and had 10 tickets to the Gary Allen, Leann Rimes, Keith Urban and Kenny Chesney concert. Teresa (Ivy's mom) called to see if we wanted to go. Chris had already turned them down because he was out of town, and Ted had called her. Anyway, she wanted me to take the boys and go with her and her 2 daughters. I started to say no, but out of boredom, I said okay. Should have listened to my gut! I really don't have the energy to try to translate the evening, and don't know if I could convey it even if I tried. I don't mean to leave you hanging but I can't even explain it. Ivy is HORRIBLY spoiled and a ROTTEN brat. The night was unbelievable. Her mom just drank from 5-9 to cope and it is her fault. The 6 year old and her mom ruined what could have been a good time. By the way, Keith Urban was AWESOME!!!! the boys were good. They don't even have an appreciation of where they got to go, but they liked it for the first couple of hours. I have learned my lesson and I will NEVER go anywhere like that with them again. Pray that my house sells soon, I must get away from these nutcases!!

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