Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hurricane Report.............

Well, all we got yesterday was some rain. It rained some today too. I am ready for some sunshine so we can go to the pool. I sure hate being stuck inside, but I did get some internet shopping done for the boys birthday's. I have been questioning them on what they want and what kind of party they want to have. It is so cute to hear their answers. Jax wants to go play golf with his dad, and he is dead set on the Callaway Junior golf set. I have tried to talk him into a cheaper set but he won't even look at them. He is so funny. He also wants the Razor bike from Walmart that has the snakeskin looking tires. Chris tried to get him to pick a bike from Academy (support them instead of Walmart) but he wouldn't give up on that either. I must say, he knows what he wants. Brooks wants to ride horses for his birthday party. Our neighbor has a horse ranch, and said he can fix us right up on that. Brooks did find a bike at Academy that he just has to have. He calls it "the bee bike" because it has bees or hornets on it. When I ask him what else he wants for his birthday, he just says "what do you think I should get, mom?" I told him he should get a Nintendo Wii with the hunting game. He agreed that that is a good idea. Well, I managed to get both kids to sleep before 9:00 and I am going to try to go to bed early too.

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