Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tats and Turks 2011

A couple of weeks ago we went for the first annual, "Tats and Turks" in Kansas!

Our friends, Tom and Jacque, are shooting footage for their upcoming show called, "Tom McMillan's Wild Life!" Their first show should air sometime in September on GAC.

Tom is Blake S's best friend, and he encouraged him to do this show. Tom is hilarious and the two of them together are a riot! Just wait! Funny, Funny stuff!

So there was a camera crew up and running most of the time we were there. Day and Night! It was annoying, but you kind of just get used to them.

First mission of the trip, turkey hunting. The tattoo guy, Justin, had never hunted before. Tom took him the first morning and he killed. All on camera! I hear they got some good stuff! He definitely was quite a trip!

Bev, Miranda's mom, was out with Jacque, trying to kill one with the other camera guys. It was Bev's first turkey hunt too, and they wanted her to kill for the show, but it just didn't happen.

Meanwhile, Chris and I were hunting together, and about an hour and a half after we got out of the truck, I got my first ever turkey.

It was such a memorable hunt. He and I immediately heard one gobble, but just one. We started walking toward the bird. He was answering back to every call. Problem was, he was on someone else's land and wouldn't come to us. After about 30 minutes of calling back and forth, we took off and walked a BIG circle. We just left him alone. By the time we got back, he had come looking for us. We set down and Chris called one last time and he came strutting over the hill. I didn't know what to do though, Chris was way behind me. I wasn't sure when to pull the trigger. After just a second, I heard him whisper, "kill him!" AND I did! It was awesome! It was such a special moment for us! Those are priceless days!

Oh, and I killed the biggest one of the season from McMillan Outfitters! Whoo hoo!!! It had a 10 1/2 inch beard and 1 1/4 inch spurs! The turkey hunting continued after that first morning, but with no success. The wind really picked up. Rick, Bev, Chris and Mark went home turkey less!

So the other part of the trip, tattoos! Tom got his first ever tattoo for the show. I am still not really sure what it was he got. It was like an Indian symbol that meant.......something. I don't remember. Don't ask me.

Jacque was pushing for me to get one, but I just don't know of anything I need tattooed on my body! She got a rose on her foot. It is cute, but I don't want one!

Honestly, Chris and I aren't big tattoo people, but Chris thought he wanted to do something cool in honor of his Dad. He thought a lot about it. He decided to do a shed antler, which symbolizes "loss." Tom, who can draw anything, drew up one, and it was perfect!

We both hesitated for just a second before he started, only because of the boys. Will they think they need one too?????? Well, we told them that when they are 34 they have our permission to get a tasteful one. They have to wait until they are 34 though. They said okay!

We both really like it! I think it is hot! Really hot in fact!

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