Friday, June 10, 2011


Here they are! Two happy campers. There is a reason God made puppies cute! We got her a week ago today. It has been a long week! I am so tired!

The first night she cried about every two hours and I had to get up to take her out to potty. The second and following nights she didn't make a peep until 6:00. Thanks goodness! She did potty in her crate a couple of nights though. Oh well, I can clean that up easily! Sleep is good!

Camo would NOT leave her alone for one second the first couple of days. Therefore, I couldn't crate them together. I thought I was going to go crazy! Finally, he has settled down some. It is just like having kids though. He has toys he never plays with, but takes them from her when she has them. He even brings them to the living room so she can't get them. I have her blocked out of there to protect the carpet.

Potty training is not fun!!!!!! I know that there is an end in sight though! Seriously, she pees every 10 minutes and I am not kidding! GROW bladder GROW!!

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