Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brooks' Kindergarten Graduation

My little boy is not a kindergartner anymore. It makes me kind of sad. He is getting so big! Here he is with his BEST friend Stran. They are inseparable. The principal calls them #1 and #2

Here is a video of him getting his certificate. Hope that you can tell it is him. I was using my phone, of course.


Mom2Three said...

It is sad Jenn, they are through with kindergarten!! It was just yesterday we were sitting on Stacy's back porch preggers with them!! That Brooks is so darn cute!!!

Oh, Coop wants to know when we are going to "your" house at the beach??? Ha!! He thinks you live there!!

Jennifer said...

I know!!! Time flies and our babies are growing up!

I wish Coop was coming to my house at the beach! Has it been a year already?