Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Wedding

Well, Blake and Miranda's wedding was certainly fabulous. I wish I could tell you all about it but that would take forever! AND I wouldn't be able to thoroughly describe it.

I can tell you that it was beautiful, but not in the sense of "decorating!" The preacher, who has known Miranda before she was famous, did a phenomenal job officiating. It was so personal to them and their lives. He spoke the truth to them. Told them what God expects out of two of them and their marriage. He specifically told Blake how to love his wife. It was amazing. Wish I had the audio.

I wish I had a few pictures too, but no phones or cameras allowed. Actually, Miranda called us several weeks ago and asked if we would host one of the chartered buses. The location was top secret and all of the guests were clueless about the location. We had to check names off the list and take cell phones and cameras, to be returned after the reception.

It went smoothly and I don't think the paparazzi got any pictures! I can tell you that Blake and Miranda are truly precious down to earth people. We really love them and their families.

Oh, and Neal McCoy played the reception! He was AMAZING!!!!!!! What a great entertainer!

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