Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet Brinklee

So a couple of years ago we promised the boys they could each get a dog after we got our house sold and we got moved. I thought one big dog might satisfy them. Not! Brooks reminded us frequently that he wants his own dog. Chris said, " Momma, a promise is a promise!"

We debated on what kind of dog to get. Maybe a little one? Na! We decided to go with what we already knew. We knew if we got another one from the same place, that she would most likely be just like her brother. He is an amazing dog!!

So here she is. We get to pick her up the first of June! She is in Brinkley, Arkansas, hence the name. Can't wait! Seriously, it is kind of sick how excited I am. Brooks is counting down the days. He is so ready to snuggle her while he can! She will get big fast.

The day she was born he just had to go pick out the stuff for her. He was so cute!!! He picked out her name tag and picked out the font! It was precious. He wanted to make sure it was real "girly!" She is supposed to be this color, a shiny charcoal grey!

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Unknown said...

I can't wait to meet her! What a sweet little baby.