Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Garden

Chris and I are beyond excited about our garden. We built the raised boxes and filled them with topsoil and compost. We built a fence around them so the deer don't destroy it. Then our friend Justin drew up a blueprint of where to plant all of the stuff I picked out. He knows a lot about small, raised bed gardens. I can't help myself, I go check the growing progress at least twice a day.

Weeds don't stand a chance Two pots of strawberry plants for Jax. 3 different kinds of tomatoes, zucchini, watermelons, herbs and a couple different peppers
72 corn plants, cucumbers, sweet peas, tomatoes, more peppers and squash 1 Mandarin, 2 blackberries, 1 blueberry and and a clementine that Jax and I started from seed 3 years ago.

I will update as the garden grows!!!! ;)


Tonia Hobbs said...

I am so thankful you posted! We just built our raise beds. Well. . . I shouldnt say "We". Lily's Papa did. I have been meaning to Google "Raised Beds" for weeks! Please post anymore instructions and advice you've got! This post really gives me a visual though. I dont think you had any seeds planted? Those all looked like plants? Also. . . um, we havent planted yet. We were waiting until after Good Friday? One more thing, and I will stop harrassing!!!. . . did it cost you a small fortune to fill those up with topsoil and compost??
{I may have a ton of mispellings! sorry} Thanks! May your garden grow!!

Jennifer said...

Hey Tonia, just call me anytime and I will tell you all about it!!! There are certain ways and places to plant things close together!!! You are not bothering me, I would love to help! 281-386-2093

SheWolf said...

How awesome! I would LOVE to have a garden one day!