Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It is a small world!

First of all, I have to brag on Jax! Baseball is definately in full swing around here! He had a game last night and tonight. He always hits the ball really well but both nights he got a HOMERUN!!!! He is so happy! He was not so thrilled about me trying to take a quick picture though. You can see his AWESOME coach Jason in the background. That guy is so great!!! Jason played college baseball and he loves teaching the kids. They are throddling the competition. It is kind of fun being on a winning team this year.
Now to the "it's a small world part!" I am sitting in the bleachers talking to another mom on our team, and one topic leads to another, when I find out her parents live at Riley Farm. Her parents used to live in Deerwoods. Her cousins are Jason and Patrick Ferguson (twins that were in my class)!!!! Are you kidding me????

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Stacy Carter said...

Go Jax!! That is crazy that you met that girl!!