Sunday, March 21, 2010


I hope all of you are watching the 11 part series ( I think it is 11) called "LIFE" on the Discovery channel, the High Definition Discovery channel! The boys were so fascinated, and frankly, Chris and I were too!

Jax was pretty quiet but here are a few quotes from Brooks....

"Did they just say pupa? Now that is funny?"

"I did not know fish could fly, WOW!"

"Those birds are running on the water, UNBELIEVABLE!"

"Dolphins can make numbers with their tails!"

It really is a good family show and we are looking forward to the others!

In other news, we made it home last night and got everything put away before bed. That was a relief. Chris helped put all of the clothes up. I washed everything before we came home and that helped although they are a little wrinkled. Oh well!!

We stopped in Dallas to see some friends. A guy that Chris used to work with and his girlfriend Candy! We vacationed with them the two years that Chris won the New Year's trip. They just moved to Dallas and wanted us to stop and see their house and go to lunch. We were talking about my "job" of taking care of them. The boys were asked what my job is?? Jax says, "Mom's job is "everything" because Dad is always gone hunting!" It was hilarious. Not true, but hilarious!!!! Really don't know where he gets that because his daddy hunts a little but is usually working if he is gone, and he really isn't gone that much anymore!!!

We did spent a couple of hours trying to find a battery for Chris' truck. It was graveyard dead when we got home. It wouldn't even hold a charge! Finally found one, 164.00 and that was at Auto Zone. Apparently, no one carries it because it is so expensive! I was not happy because that just seems like a rip off!!!

Tomorrow, because I promised Heather, pictures of my patio!!!

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Mom2Three said...

I forgot about that show, I bet it is great, I will record it! Can't wait to see pics of the patio!