Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun Weekend

Oh, I had a great weekend. It started Saturday morning by picking up Heather and Stacy at the airport. We shopped and ate all day Saturday. FUN. We slowly got ready Sunday morning and ate at a great little sandwich shop and then did a few hours of touring model homes in my neighborhood and a nearby one. FUN, and real fun for Heather, ha ha. We came home and got ready for the concert. We were so excited. We went with two other couples (the ladies work at Academy). It was so much fun.

The show started with Lady Antebellum and they were really good. Those two can really sing!

Next up Miranda Lambert and of course she was awesome!!!

After Miranda was through, and Kenny was setting up, we got to go backstage and to her tour bus (because Chris is friends with her dad). Our plans got a little screwed up and only 4 of us got to go back, and I felt HORRIBLE!!!!! We did get the ones left behind autographs on the 4 extra tickets we had. So, Chris took his buyer and her husband and we got to meet the band and several other people. This guy with the mohawk is part of her band and he was so cool. I told him I was a hair person and I couldn't resist asking him what product he used on his hair. He said, "Tresemme from Walmart, works better than any of the $40.00 stuff I have tried." That figures! So, we got to go to Miranda's bus and chat a while and then off to see Kenny.

OH MY GOODNESS! Kenny put on a 2 hour show that was AMAZING!!!!!!! He is in a class of his own!!

Well, it was a great time and I was so glad Stacy and Heather got to come. I hope we can all get together, husbands included, for another concert this summer!!!!! Good times.

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