Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Brooks played his last game of the season last night. We got bumped from our field because of a tournament so we played our game on one of the practice fields. It worked. No seats, parents standing around, but it worked. I wanted to put a bunch of video on here for the family and because this is kind of my scrapbook. I wish it was better quality but this is from my camera not my video camera. So here are Brooks 3 at bats. He did so good this year. He hit the ball first try every time, every game. Pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Here he is putting on Jax's batting gloves that he insists make him hit better:

1st time at bat:

2nd time at bat:

3rd at bat:

Here he is on his way to second. He has some weird issues with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd baseman. As you can see here he is trying to head butt the kid on first. I saw him with his fists up in the 2nd baseman's face at one point in the game. And if there is anyone in the baseline while he is running, he will remove them from the baseline. He tried that move on the wrong 2nd baseman last game and got knocked on his booty. If I only had that on tape. The kid knocked him down and Brooks laid on the ground with a surprised look on his face, and yelled "WHAT!" (Like how dare you push me back) The kids dad came and broke it up just as Brooks was getting up, and I don't really think he wanted to fight with that kid. It was hilarious though.

Here he makes an out on second:

Playing catcher:

And the moment he was waiting all season for....the trophy! I cannot tell you how much he wanted a trophy. He had a smile you couldn't wipe off of his face. Watch his funny little excited walk when his coach calls his name.

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