Sunday, May 24, 2009

TRYING to relax!

We have been trying to relax a little this weekend. I just don't do that very well. It is nice to have 3 days that Chris isn't talking on his phone. We went last night and rented movies. Everyone got to pick out a movie. Brooks picked Spiderman. Jax picked Open Season 2. Chris picked Shooter and it was really good. Anyone looking for an action movie with only a little bad language should rent it. Tonight is my choice, Taken. I don't really know anything about it but I hope it is good!!!

Tonight we cooked deer burgers and I was peeling potatoes for oven fries and Brooks begged for mashed potatoes. He LOVES mashed potatoes. So I made him some. Chris and Jax don't like mashed potatoes so they ate oven fries. Here is a picture of Brooks watching me make them and waiting to lick the beaters. He sneaked a few bites too. Jax was minding his own business while I was making dinner. Yee Haw!!! I had to go get a few pictures of him too though. He was just coloring singing along to his favorite song "International Harvester." I have been working 4 days trying to get music on their music players. Chris used to sell these waterproof music players and we had a couple lying around but getting the music from itunes into a mp3 format was kind of difficult but I finally figured it out today. I was determined! I configured a play list with all of their favorite music and boy were they happy. They each have one and have figured out how to use it. It is so cute to hear your kids sing, I just love it! Jax was singing all day. Brooks' favorite song is "My Heroes have always been cowboys" by Willie Nelson. I am not kidding. They do both really like "Hunting the world southern style" by Colt Ford. We all jam to that one. In the car Brooks will say, "I want to listen to God" and now he can listen to him whenever he wants. James Carter made me a good kids christian cd a couple of years ago and I put that on their players too and they love it. So here are a couple pictures of Jax. He didn't want to be bothered but I coaxed a smile out of him anyway. Maybe I can sneak in on him and get some video of him singing. It is soooooo cute!!!

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