Thursday, January 15, 2009

Miranda and Blake Pictures

The boys are playing together so well right now that I thought I would sneak in here and try to post these pictures. One is with Miranda, Chris and Grant. The other one is with Blake, Miranda, Chris and Austin. Notice Blake is giving Chris a wet willy. Blake thought it would make a funny picture. Anyway, Chris got to spend a few days with all of them and he had a lot of fun. He didn't send me the picture of him with Rick and Beverly Lambert. If I get it later I will post it too. As some of you may know he has grown quite close to Rick and Beverly. Their road to fame is a great story to hear. They spent every penny, and then some, trying to help her make it. Miranda and her parents live a very moderate lifestyle (Miranda drives a used Jeep Liberty) and they spend a lot of money helping people in need. My kind of folks!

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Dawning Light Ministries said...

Jen- I am a litle behind cause I really dont listen to the radio anymore, but I heard Miranda's song, (the slow one), it is GREAT!!!! I dont know how many slow songs she has, but she is so good at that to! I really like the voice of the Dixie Chicks lead singer, esp when she sings slow songs and her voice reminded me of how much I liked that music! Tell her to do some more like it! Wish I had an IPOD, i would download it!