Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Check Up day

I took the boys today for their yearly check ups. We went to the new pediatric office right by our house. I wasn't crazy about them but nothing to complain about either. I guess I probably won't find Dr. Beene's equivalent. I sure miss that lady. Anyway, Chris was supposed to go with me but he had to go help Austin with some big meeting. Surprise, Surprise. So I took them by myself and they did great. I was a little anxious. I knew Jax had to get one shot and the flu mist, and Brooks had to get 4 shots, the flu mist and his blood drawn. I was so happy with them. No one cried!!! Seriously, it was a breeze. They were very brave. Brooks had an eye exam and a hearing test. He passed them both, even though I would swear he is deaf sometimes. It was so cute though, they did his eye exam with shapes. He was covering his eye and reading off the shapes. I don't know why but it was just precious. He would say moon, heart, circle and x (which was really a + but he didn't know, x is in Jax's name and it kind of looked like it.) I thought it was so cute. They weighed them and measured them. Jax is 55% in height and 50 % in weight, so basically his measurements were average. Brooks was 95% in height and 75% in weight. I knew he was tall but I was shocked by his weight. The last time his height was 95% and 25% in weight, and I thought it would be the same this time. I guess he should weigh more because he is taller than 95% of the kids his age, but he seems so skinny to me. So that is how the check up went today. All is well there.

I must get back to the election. I am hoping it starts looking better!

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